Skeletal Disease Essay

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Skeletal Disease

I know that skeletal disease pertain to the bones in the body. These can be deadly and limit the ability to move around and have a good, solid range of motion. I know that skeletal diseases are treated by orthopedics diagnose and treat disorders with bones and orthopedic surgeons operate on the bones. I would like to know what the range of treatments are based upon the diseases. I also would like to know the statistics on skeletal disease and how common it is within America and other countries, such as which has the highest amount of bone cancer and which has the lowest? These questions fascinate me, especially the ones pertaining to cancer. I would like to know about more skeletal diseases in general.

My skeletal disease that I chose is bone cancer otherwise known as sarcomas. I chose this one because cancer has always fascinated me. The one thing that kills a lot of individuals across the world not just USA and the bigger countries but no country is exempt. Cancer does not care who it takes, their age, gender, sexual preference, nothing matters to cancer. I want to study cancer in hopes of maybe finding a common pattern that can one day be overcome and then cancer can be eliminated for good.

My search started where almost all research papers start, on Google. I searched bone cancer and picked the medical website on cancer. This website gave me good information on the different types of bone cancers and how to determine the difference between bone cancer, bone marrow cancer, and cancers that migrate to the bones. My other website ( gave me statistics on the amount of new cases and deaths in United States of America with new cases and new deaths.

I learned, from the first site, that there are many different actual bone cancers like Osteosarcomas, Chondrosarcomas, Ewing tumor, Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (MFH), Fibrosarcoma, Giant cell tumor of bone, Chordoma. These all have different causes and effects but one thing they all have in common is that they all originate in the bones, not in bone marrow or other organs and metastasizes to the bones. Cancer cells that start in other organs and move to the bone still have same structure as where they began.

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