Six Hats Thinking Essay

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Six Hats Thinking

1. Generate ideas to encourage drives/ people to pay their parking fines
2. Explore ideas for the council to reduce parking fines debtors Red:

1. Process might let citizen get frustrated
2. Some parking areas might be too expensive for citizen to afford
3. The policies might be not that strict to citizens
4. Parking inspectors show their arrogance to people sometimes
5. It might be easy to get nasty ‘surprise’ from someone is rude and do not like follow the legislation
6. It might be too hard for citizen to pay fines since the process systems are not that good
7. Maybe there are not enough car spaces
8. Maybe there are not enough off-street parking
9. They might think who would care the payment or not, it’s sort of like none of anyone’s business
10. Citizens might think its waste of money if just park at that period time and pay that high amount of money
11. It might be bad for business if they think the money is going to the business but not to the tax department or whatever
12. People would think don’t pay fine are “criminals”

1. Population growing because of more car
2. Income from fees, fines charges increasing
3. Total debtors( all areas) 70% of debtors are parking related ($456,000 parking debts in 2012/13) Parking debtors increased by 73% 2011/12-2012/13
4. Missing information
Car rego information to determine growth in cars
Number in parking bay available
Any areas or residents or demographics worse than others?

I obtained the following information from Ballarat City Council’s Annual Report for 2012-2013 which is the latest available from their website. It seems 2013-2014 report hasn’t been released yet. •Income from ‘Parking Fees, Fines and Charges went up from $4,429,000 in 2011-2012 to $4,929,000 in 2012-2013.
•In 2012-2013 $456,000 worth of parking fine debts were listed as an expense on the income statement under ‘Bad and doubtful debts’ as compared to $264,000 in 2011-2012. Parking fine debts constituted 69.62% of all ‘bad and doubtful debts’ in 2012-2013! This debt went up by $192,000 in 2012-2013 as compared to the previous financial year, 72.72%!
•On the balance sheet, account receivable from parking infringement debtors increased from $1,536,000 in 2011-2012 to $1,888,000 in 2012-2013. Out of these council made a provision for doubtful debts of $607,000 in 2012 and $866,000 in 2013.

This information could add substance to the challenge we are presenting and could make for an interesting opening to the presentation too! Your thoughts team… We could possibly use some of this information to rewrite the challenge statement to include some figures.

1. It would be unfair on low income people
2. There are not enough parking inspectors to make this work
3. Some parking inspectors have bad attitude
4. It would be expensive/ hard to change process
5. Councillors might won’t change
6. It might make things worse by changing
7. There are not enough support from sheriff’s office (The enforcement might be too hard)
8. Residents are too rebellious(aka ‘Eureka stockade‘)

1. Revenue of citizens these days are increasing
2. We can put $456,000 into community services
3. Fines payment might mitigate rates increases
4. Harmonious community where everyone pays their way would create a fairer system
5. We could be more efficient after so many positive ways come out

1. Consider focusing on a program that encourage compliance (rather than enforcement)
2. Don’t have parking charges at all
3. Charge parking like an e-tag (online accounts)
4. ‘Pay wave’/credit card payment options at the meter
5. Policies that development must provide more parking
6. Lobby for more public transport options

1. We need to explore more creative ideas like what ‘green’ ideas are about
2. We need to stop losing so much revenue($456,000)
3. Action needed to create a fines system and reduce community angst.

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