Situations Essay Topics

Different situations in the school

It is found out that parents of children suffering from learning disabilities represent other parents in expression regarding children’s upbringing, education as well as disabilities.  Understanding of these parents’ concerns greatly contributes to children’s education since they work together with teachers to assist the disabled children. It is not appropriate to generalize situations of parents… View Article

Challenges and situations

In our day to day activities, we face different challenges and situations that demand our attention. In order to handle such challenges in a morally acceptable manner, without intentionally causing harm to all the partners involved, we have to be well informed about what morality expects of us. Fundamentally, almost all decisions raise ethical questions… View Article

Leaders and tempting situations

This book by Ira Chaleff explores and analyzes the role of a follower. Too many a time leadership has been highlighted but this book uniquely shifts its focus to the follower. The author argues that following is often stigmatized, it is often perceived as docility, weakness or the failure to excel. This handbook shows that… View Article