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Situation of the local baths Essay

I am deeply honored to correspond with the local council regarding the situation of the local baths. It is also a privilege to interact and work hand in hand with the proper authorities concerning this matter. Through this one, I can be a good servant then. A question can be asked in any moment regarding the safety of the local baths. Will there be a guaranty concerning its safety? Is it complete with safety precautions? Well, every person’s primary concern in going to the local baths is safety for their life and limb.

Normally, it would be the responsibility of the management of local baths to make sure that every person will be guaranteed complete safety. Indeed, it is my duty to correspond with the over-all local council in dealing with this very important matter. I just hope that my recommendations will be given enough attention for appropriate review. It is a common knowledge that high tides are a hazard to the swimmers especially during Christmas and New Year season. It will prevent them from enjoying their stay in the establishment. Others are also concerned in the availability of safety precautions in whatever kind for them to be safe.

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Heavy tides in the sea tend to break over the cemented barrier or any barrier found in the area that will cause a back swell causing swimmers to be dragged over the northern promenade into the ocean. Is it not dangerous? That is why effective safety precautions were incorporated into the local baths to prevent any damage. I have taken so many safety precautions then. It include placing warning signs in prominent positions and installing a safety chain across the northern area. The safety chain serves to keep the people from going too far from the northern side of the pool that is known to be dangerous.

Aside from that, a loud speaker system has been built in order to regularly warn any person using the pool to avoid any damage. The loudspeaker was useful because it reaches people staying in the northern poolside. There is also an organized storage of safety and rescue equipment being placed in an accesible position. However, dangers cannot be avoided in any time. This is so because high tides in the sea cannot just be controlled by human power without exerting extraordinary efforts. The problem was not so alarming until one incident happened that made the management uneasy.

In this particular year, a peculiar thing happened that causes alarm to the people. What happened was that when the north-easterly swell and winds have created very heavy surf, some people are affected by it. That happened during the last Saturday of December. At that time, I boldly announced over the loudspeaker system that waves breaking onto the poolside are very dangerous. With all diligence, I gave instructions to the people in the swimming pool area to leave the northern end of the pool. That was one way of doing all my efforts together with the other employees to avoid damages due to the surf.

Despite the announcement that was given to the effect that no one should stay in the northern end of the pool, three people have refused to move from the same. They ignored the instruction that was given for their benefit. That was indeed problematic and dangerous. As I walked towards the three people, a very large wave drags them back into the dangerous surf. I was shocked but tried to control myself to be able to face the situation appropriately. In fact, I voluntarily tried to radio for the surf and rescue helicopter for immediate actions.

As a result, two people are rescued without any harm except the third person who was seriously injured due to the large wave that struck him. With this point at hand, there is a need to overhaul the system of operating the local baths in the area of safety. There are so many factors that causes the injuries of the swimmers in the pool. These things may have something to do with the negligence of the management and even on the side of the swimmers. The loudspeaker system is not so effective. While it was true that the swimmers were given announcements whenever there is danger, but that was not enough.

Hence, what is really needed was trained lifeguards that are present in the poolside area. Lifeguards are trained employees that are responsible for the safety of the people while present in a recreational water areas. Generally, lifeguards are the people who observe swimming activities, anticipate problems and identify emergencies, give immediate first aid and report incidents in the sea (“Lifeguards”, 2007, p. 1). Therefore, it is respectfully recommended that trained lifeguards be hired to be able to make the operation of the local baths more safe and productive.

The rationale of the recommendation is to give credence to the fact that hiring additional people is more logical than allowing any serious injuries and even death to happen. The presence of the lifeguards will surely prevent any accident in the local baths whether swimmers are obedient when there are announced instructions through loudspeaker system or hardheaded for that matter. In line with these, lifeguards must be trained with respect to basic techniques, rescue, aquatic injuries first aid lessons and effective coordination during emergency situations.

Aside from that, the course of their training must include observation and scanning ability in the swimming pool area. The local baths needs men to do surveillance to avoid the slightest hint of any dangerous surf and heavy winds. In effect, lifeguards can do uninterrupted supervision while swimmers are enjoying in the pool especially in the most dangerous area. Finally, for the local council to approve this recommendation, it is respectfully submitted that the management of the local baths under my leadership will fully execute the policies and regulation for a positive result.

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