Sites of Ron Jon Surf Shop Essay

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Sites of Ron Jon Surf Shop

1)Access the web sites of Ron Jon Surf Shop ( and Hilo Hattie ( Explain how the two companies are similar and how they are different. Can you find elements of organizational planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and control in their web content? Provide specific examples. Respond substantively to two other learners. Ron Jon’s and Hilo Hattie’s are similar in quite a few ways. They both started as retail stores selling products to consumers. They both have adapted to the changing of the times. They both now offer other services. For example, Hattie’s now offers coffee and food in one of their locations. Ron Jon’s offers a variety of services to include a resort and surf school. The companies are different in many ways as well. Hattie’s has a total of seven stores while Ron Jon’s has 12 different establishments. I found an example of leading in Ron Jon’s web site. In the careers section I found an employee philosophy that I thought was motivational.

It states “Our employee philosophy has always been to have a strong balance of promoting from within as well as searching outside the company to find the best and brightest talent available. The surf industry is an exciting atmosphere for individuals that are outgoing, driven and competitive” (Ron Jon Surf Shop, 2012). According to Reilly, M., Minnick, C., & Baack, D. (2011) “Leading means motivating, coordinating, and energizing individuals and groups to work together to achieve organizational goals.” Hattie’s offers a group incentive program to other companies to generate business. They basically offer their products at lower cost to other companies who then give the products to their customers as gifts for selecting their services. I think this is a great example of the planning function that engages an opportunity to increase revenue and utilize Hilo Hattie’s strengths. Josh

Ron Jon Surf Shop (Careers). (2012). Retrieved from Reilly, M., Minnick, C., & Baack, D. (2011). The five functions of effective management. Retrieved from

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