Sister Maude Monologue Plan Essay

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Sister Maude Monologue Plan

Poison, treacherous(unreliable, dangerously unstable), deceitful(to mislead and deceive), malevolent(doing evil to others), persistent, consequence, fateful, tragic, demented, delirious(mad), bitter, exasperated, livid, aggravate, vengeful(revenge), malicious(wants to make someone pay, revenge), dispirited, wrathful(revenge), duplicitous(says one thing, does the other), deceit/deceptive(fraud, trick, propaganda), fateful, breathtaking, intimidating, misfigured, astray, unhinged. Good Sentences:

Flaunted your sordid love affair. He stabbed us in the back. Fate took his life away for I was meant to pull at his heart strings. Mother agreed…but mother is weak. Now he is deathly silent…how beautiful that sounds. Edward is dead…fabulous. What secrets you had! What conniving lies you told. It was out engagement not yours! The attention always needed to be on you. You of all people should congratulate me for killing Edward, he was a unfaithful backstabber. Well…Edward is dead…that is one task ticked.

My needs both then and now – meant nothing to you. I realised – and what a shock it was – that I would always be below you. Tragically, you, of all people let me down: you betrayed me; you treated me as a fool; you my love broke my heart! Well, of course I became malicious, and now I don’t have to look at you ever again… perfect. (She sits with her knees together, trying to control an uncontrollable trembling.) (Her lips curled into an unpleasant sneer) (Her eyes glisten with tears which she blinks away) (her nose wrinkles in disgust) Oh yes you loved him(Sarcastically) (She speaks more rapidly)

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