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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt Biography

Paper type: Essay
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D. O. B-D. O. B: September 6, 1817 – September 19, 1893, in London, England and came to Canada in 1835 to work for the British American Land Company. Family Information: On February 9, 1848, Galt married Elliott Torrance, the daughter of John Torrance, of Saint-Antoine Hall, Montreal. She died on May 25, 1850, shortly after giving birth to their only son, Elliott. Later he married her younger sister, Amy Gordon Torrance. Amy gave birth to 7 daughters and 2 more sons. They lived in Montreal at their house within the Golden Square Mile, which Galt built in about 1860.

Galt appears to have had a very non-sectarian approach to religious faith and although the grandson of a Calvinist theologian, Alexander Galt supported both the Methodist and Anglican churches while his wife, Amy, was a lifelong Presbyterian. Occupation: He was a politician, member of the Canadian parliament. Is the Father of Confederation. Personality: Alexander Tilloch Galt, who was of Scottish descent, spent his early years with his brothers John and Thomas partly in the London area, partly in Scotland.

Addiction: Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt had no addictions to anything. Political Party: Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt is from a Liberal-Conservative party. Political Beliefs: He was a member of the Great Coalition government in the Province of Canada that secured Confederation between 1864 and 1867. He became a leading figure in the creation of the Coalition when he was asked to become premier of the Province of Canada by then Governor General Sir Edmund Walker Head.

Doubting his own ability to demand the loyalty of the majority of members of the Legislative Assembly, he turned down the position, but recommended that George-Etienne Cartier and John A. Macdonald be asked to become co-leaders of the new government. Political Career: The remainder of Galt’s political career was spent as the Canadian government’s representative abroad until 1883, when he returned to the business world. Chronic health problems late in life forced him to limit his activities after 1890.

He died at home in Montreal on September 19, 1893 Contribution to Confederation: He was one of the pioneers of the philosophy of Confederation. As early as 1858, he proposed a federation of the colonies of British North and planned the financial arrangements for the new nation. After Confederation, he served briefly as the Minister of Finance, but drifted into the position of Independent Conservative and in 1880 he was appointed as the first high commissioner to Great Britain which he kept until 1883. Additional Information: Alexander Tilloch Galt was one of the most influential politicians of his time.

His role was most prominent during the constitutional conferences; he was involved in the issue of economic development and was committed to defending the rights of religious minorities. These things together made him truly one of the Fathers of Confederation. In 1824, Alexander’s father John Galt founded the Canada Company — a settlement company active in the area of Lake Huron — and laid the groundwork for the city of Guelph, Ontario. It was during this time that the young Alexander first came to Canada, in 1828. He remained for two years.

Despite the failure of the Canada Company, John Galt helped found the British American Land Company in 1834 and arranged for his son to be taken on as a clerk in the Sherbrook office. Thus, in 1835, Alexander Tilloch Galt returned to Canada for the second time. In 1840, he drafted a report on the company’s successes and failures, and the document made its way to London. Galt had made an impression: in October 1843, the London office made him secretary of the British American Land Company and, in 1844, he was named commissioner.

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