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Sins of the Past Essay

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Watson ran back the way he came to find Lucy. Lucy stopped to catch her breath; she then heard the footsteps of the terrorists close behind her. She turned to the shelf next to her and started to climb it. She got halfway when the terrorists reached her; they didn’t see her and continued to run. Lucy dropped silently down to the floor and crept after them. She aimed her pistol at them and fired, one of the terrorists fell dead, while the others span around Lucy fired, but her pistol clicked.

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It was empty. Shit she thought. The terrorists aimed at her and there were two loud gunshots and the terrorists fell to the floor, dead.

Lucy looked behind her and saw Rob Watson, she ran at him and they hugged. “Are you okay? ” Watson asked. Lucy nodded. Her face turned sour when she saw the leader of the terrorists standing ten meters behind Watson, he aimed his machine gun at Watson back, but Lucy pushed him out of the way as the terrorist fired. The bullets slammed into Lucy’s abdomen and she flew backwards through the air and landed on the cold hard floor. “NO! ” Watson screamed. She emptied the rest of his pistol’s clip into the terrorist who fell to the floor. He ran and knelt beside Lucy, he cradled her.

“I’m sorry Rob,” she wheezed. Watson’s eyes filled with tears, “no, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about. It’s my fault. ” Lucy smiled, “no. You were brilliant. Thank you. ” “You’ll be fine Lucy,” he assured her, “the FBI will be here soon and you’ll be fine. Trust me. ” “I’ve always loved you Rob,” Lucy sighed, “but you and I both know that I’m done. ” Lucy coughed and blood drizzled out of her mouth, “I’m sorry Rob” Lucy’s eyes fell blank and her head fell back wards. Rob set her head down on the floor and looked down at her pale face.

Watson heard the injured terrorist laughing from across the room; he got up and walked over to the terrorist. Watson’s face fell white as he realized that he was holding a detonator, he’s going to blow up the building Watson thought. Watson turned and sprinted through the warehouse toward the doors. He opened the door and ran through it as the terrorist pressed the detonator. All fifteen of the C4 packs below ground exploded. Watson dived through the air as the whole warehouse was engulfed in a ball of flame. Bricks were sent flying. Watson woke up with a start. He was still in the back of the President’s helicopter.

That had happened fur years previously and it led to Watson’s dismissal from the FBI and his break up with his long term girlfriend, Rachel Fletcher. The black helicopter descended and landed on a large helipad in the grounds of the White House. Agent Josh Defoe jumped out of the front and opened the back door allowing Rob Watson to jump out. Watson stretched and groaned, he hated flying and he had been locked up in a metal tube for the last two hours doing an act that only birds should do. Three more suited Secret Service Agents walked toward them, the front of which extended a hand to Watson, “Rob Watson, thank you for coming.

My name is Chris Reynolds; I am head of security here. ” “They offered me that job once,” Watson said under his breath. Reynolds leaned in, “I’m sorry? ” Watson shrugged, “nothing. ” He looked at Reynolds, Reynolds must have been in his mid thirties, and he had short brown hair and harsh green eyes. He was slightly taller than Watson, but he didn’t make him feel intimidated like he must to shorter people. “If you’d like to come this way,” Reynolds commanded. He and Watson started to walk across a paved walkway on the lawns of the White House toward the enormous white building.

Defoe and the other gents followed close behind as the helicopter took off again. Watson turned to Reynolds, “so what am I doing here? ” “I’m sorry sir,” Reynolds replied apologetically, “I don’t have authorization to tell you. ” Watson smiled, “you don’t have authorization, or you don’t know? ” Reynolds sighed, “The latter. ” Watson smiled to himself as they reached a small door and Reynolds unlocked it, Watson stepped inside followed by Defoe and one of the other Agents and Reynolds followed last and locked the doors again. Watson looked down the long beige corridor and sighed.

Rachel works here he thought. Reynolds stepped in front, “this way. ” He led them about 100 meters down the plain corridor and then she turned left to a grey door. He pushed on it and it opened, “in here. ” Watson stepped into the room and gasped as he realized he was in the Oval Office. He looked around and saw five suited men sitting and standing around the ornate office. Watson cursed his attire and looked at the suited 34 year old man leaning against the President’s desk. Vic-President Jack Harrison had short dark blond hair and blue eyes. He was very tall and slim.

He looked up at Watson, “Mr. Watson it’s good that you could make it. ” Watson smiled and nodded; Reynolds, Defoe and the other Agent stepped into the Oval Office and closed the door. “Please take a seat,” Harrison offered. Watson sat on a large white sofa. Harrison pointed to the white haired man standing next to him, “Mr. Watson, this is Shane Lennox, my chief of staff. ” Next he pointed to a younger man with wavy red hair, a very freckled face and pale skin, “this is Doctor Erik Cremane, he is the head of the WMA, the World Mountaineering Alliance. ”

Erik nodded to Watson and he nodded back, Harrison then pointed to an ever younger man with a shaved head, dark eyes and dark skin, “This in Professor Raymonde LeStrange, he is a Professor of Glaciology at Harvard University. ” “Hey there,” LeStrange greeted. Watson greeted him back and Harrison moved onto the last man who was sitting next to Watson on the sofa, “and finally this is Professor Doniel Larkstri?? m, he is the most recent Nobel Prize winner for his scripture on the determination of the polar ice caps. ” Larkstri?? m had neat white hair and white eyes hidden behind black sunglasses, he was blind.

“Hello,” Larkstri?? m greeted. “Morning,” Watson replied. “This is Rob Watson,” Harrison announced, “He is an ex-FBI Agent with fantastic field training. ” “That’s brilliant,” LeStrange said to the Vice-President, “but with all due respect, what are we all doing here? ” “Well,” Harrison sighed, “this morning at 7. 03 am, President Gregory Taylor was onboard Air Force One. He was taking his weekly flight over Alaska when a missile hit their wing. ” Everyone in the room gasped. “My god,” Erik shuddered. “At 7. 04 Air Force One crash landed into the Alaskan snow. ”

“Is the President-” Larkstri?? m started. “There are only a handful of people in the world who know that Air Force One was hit; no authorities have been called to the scene yet,” Harrison explained, “no authorities have been call to the scene. ” “But the President could be dying! ” Watson exclaimed. “That’s why I called the best of the best. You seven will fly out to Alaska in thirty minutes; you will search Air Force One and find President Taylor and the other high priority figure. ” “Who’s that? ” Watson asked. “It is Taylor’s senior analyst,” Harrison replied, “her name is-”

“Rachel Fletcher,” Reynolds interrupted, “she’s my fianci?? e. ” “Rachel was on Air Force One? ” Watson asked angrily. Harrison nodded. Watson ran his hands through his hair and groaned, “It just had to be. ” “You know her? ” Harrison asked. “Yeah,” Watson replied, “we dated for five years. ” “So I guess we can count you in then Mr. Watson,” Harrison stated. Watson looked up, “I guess so. ” Chapter Three The hooded figure sat on the cold snow. The killer looked up at the crashed Air Force One; next to the killer was the RPG the killer had used to shoot down the Boeing 747.

The killer was waiting for the call from the mentor. Suddenly, the killer’s mobile phone buzzed into life from the pocket of the thermal jacket pocket the killer was using to keep away the cold. The killer unzipped the pocket and took the phone out and answered it, “is it time? ” “Yes,” the mentor replied, “terminate every live person remaining on board. Especially the two top priority targets. ” “And the prize? ” the killer asked. “It has been updated very recently and is now electronic,” the mentor told her, “priority one will surely have it on his person. ” The killer smiled, “and the rescue expedition? ”

“They should be leaving Washington shortly,” the mentor replied, “You may kill all but one of them. ” “Who is that? ” “An ex-FBI Agent called Rob Watson. Do you remember him? ” “Yes sir, how could I forget? ” Chapter Four Rob Watson had got changed quickly. Vice-President Harrison had provided all of the members of the rescue expedition with clothes suitable of the cold Alaskan weather. White thermal sallopettes, black combat boots, a black thermal jumper with the White House symbol on the left breast, a black thermal jacket also with the White House symbol on the left breast, black gloves and a black beanie hat.

Watson had pulled all of them on except the gloves and the hat as the Washington weather was too warm for those particular pieces of clothing. He had been allowed to change in the Kennedy suite in the White House, Watson looked at the wonderfully ornate four poster bed that President Kennedy and his wife had slept in all those years ago. He smiled as he picked up his clothes as he thought what they had done while the rest of Washington was asleep. He wiped the disgusting thought from his mind and stepped toward the door and opened it and walked outside, Agent Defoe who had already changed stood by the door, “are you ready?

” Watson nodded, “where shall I put these? ” Defoe shrugged, “just leave them on the bed. ” Watson nodded and threw his neatly folded clothes onto the four poster bed and shut the door. Defoe produced a second pistol and handed it to Watson. “Why do I need this? ” he asked. “Vice-President Harrison asked me to give this to you,” Defoe explained, “He said that you were an excellent shot. ” Watson said nothing as he took the pistol and placed it into his inside jacket pocket. Defoe led Watson down the beige corridor to a flight of stairs; they descended these and joined the others in the Oval Office.

Vice-President Harrison and Shane Lennox stood at the front of the Office, still in suits and the others sat on the sofas. Harrison welcomed them, “now that your here we can leave. A military helicopter is awaiting you outside to take you to Washington international. You will board the prototype Z600-X jet. That will take you straight to Alaska which will take you approximately thirteen minutes. ” Watson looked surprised, “thirteen minutes, from here to Alaska. Are you kidding Mr. Vice-President? ” Harrison shook his head, “I told you this was a prototype.

The Z600-X was designed by the military; there is only one in existence. It cost fifteen billion dollars to build and it travels at over 2,000 miles per hour. ” “That’s impossible,” Watson exclaimed. “Well Mr. Watson,” Harrison smiled, “you’ll see that I’m not lying in about ten minutes. Now if all of you can follow me, I’ll take you to the helicopter. ” Everybody got to their feet. As Agent Reynolds walked past him, Watson grabbed his arm, “listen. I know both you and I are hoping we rescue Rachel more than the President. This is a horrible thing to say, but you can’t get personal.

If you get a choice between her and President Taylor-” “Don’t even say that! ” Reynolds exclaimed. “You’re Taylor’s head of security,” Watson explained, “take responsibility. ” Reynolds leaned close to Watson and grabbed the collar of his jacket, “let go of my arm or I swear to God I’ll-” Defoe interrupted, “Agent Reynolds. I think you should walk with Vice-President Harrison, don’t you? ” Reynolds let go of Watson and grunted, he followed Harrison out of the office. Defoe walked next to Watson, “you’re right you know. ” Watson looked surprised, “with what? ”

“Not to get personal,” Defoe replied, “I can tell why President Taylor offered the job to you first. ” Watson smiled. Two minutes later, Harrison and Lennox had led the seven rescuers out into the morning sunshine and across the lawns to the helipad. Sitting on the helipad was a large green military helicopter. Harrison and Lennox turned to the others, “good luck. ” The seven of them boarded the helicopter as the two suited men watched. Defoe closed the door and the rotor blades started to spin. Less than a minute later, the helicopter had disappeared into the blue sky.

The helicopter flew over the capital city of America quickly and Watson looked out of the window, LeStrange leaned toward him, “don’t like flying? ” Watson shook his head, “hate it. ” Erik laughed, “Just think, we’re going on an experimental jet that could kill us at any point. ” Watson shuddered and the blind Larkstri?? m glared, “leave the poor man alone Erik. We need the field Agents to protect us. ” “Against what? ” Watson asked. Defoe leaned across, “Air Force One was shot down by an RPG missile, chances are that the person who fired it is going to try and finish the job. ”

Watson groaned, “Great. ” Minutes later, the helicopter landed in Washington international airport next to a small grey plane. It was made out of a Platinum-Titanium mixture and was slim lined, the wings just spurted out a few feet and were as thin as Watson’s forearm, and the engine was on the back. It was simply a long slim lined tube. Watson looked at the Z600-X jet and wondered how they would all fit inside as he got out of the helicopter. Reynolds led the way on his own; he was obviously not in the mood to talk to anyone, especially Watson and Defoe. Watson, Defoe, LeStrange, Erik, Larkstri??

m and the last Agent followed close behind. The door to the Z600-X was a tiny hole in the main cabin which was not unlike a man hole. Reynolds reached it first and crawled through. It looked as if there was not even enough room to stand up inside the jet. Watson groaned as he reached the hole and took a deep breath as he climbed inside. Inside, the main cabin was long and metallic, like the inside of a cigar tube. There were no seats, just seatbelts protruding out of the floor. Reynolds had already crawled to the end and had strapped himself into the furthest seatbelt away from the front of the plane.

Watson realized as he had crawled halfway down the jet that there were no windows at all throughout the plane. Watson stopped momentarily, but Defoe placed his hand on Watson’s shoulder, “don’t worry, I’ve been on this plane a hundred times, it’s safe. ” This relieved Watson and he crawled up the rest of the plane and slowly strapped him in while LeStrange smiled at Defoe, “you didn’t even know this plane existed until five minutes ago did you? ” Defoe smiled, “not a word. ” They all strapped up and the last Secret Service Agent shut and locked the hatch.

The pilot of the plane turned on the sound system, “good morning. I am Captain James Alexander and I will be flying you to Alaska this morning. Flight time is estimated at eleven minutes and eleven seconds. Make sure you are fastened in as we shall be leaving shortly. ” The sound system was switched off and there was a loud rumble from the singular engine at the back of the jet and the Z600-X started to move forwards. Seconds later, the engine had been switched to full power and the Z600-X was hurtling down the concrete runway at 2,000 miles per hour. Watson tensed his muscles and shut his eyes tightly.

Eighteen months had passed since Lucy’s death and Watson had been dismissed from the FBI and he and Rachel Fletcher had split up after over five years together. Watson had then travelled the world for six months and when he returned, he had found a job working as a waiter in a fast food restaurant. He had been working there for two weeks when one morning he walked into the restaurant, Cluckin’ Chicken in his uniform of black trousers, a bright orange shirt and white bow tie and a large foam hat shaped like a chicken. It was two o’clock in the afternoon and Watson was over two hours late.

His boss, a red haired pale faced Irish man, Damien walked over to his, his face as red as a tomato, “where the hell where you? ” “My cat was ill,” Watson lied. Damien glared at him and produced a small white envelope and passed it to him. It had the seal of the White House on the front, “this came for you. ” Watson looked confused as he opened the letter, Damien started to walk way, “you’ve got five minutes to get to work or you’re fired! ” Watson drew out a letter which was handwritten on a piece of parchment. He read it: “Dear Agent Watson,

I am very sorry to hear that you were dismissed from the FBI and if I could do anything to get you reinstated I would, but unfortunately I cannot. That is why I am writing this letter to you. Very recently I was robbed of my Head of Security due to a much unexpected heart attack and I need his position filled. At this point in time I have two possible candidates, you and one other. I decided to choose to offer you the position first as I believe that you were one of the best Agents the FBI ever had and they should never have let you go.

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