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Single sex schools vs. coeducational schools

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (749 words)
Categories: School, Sex
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Practically all parents want to choose the very best education for their children and children. There has actually long been argument over whether single sex schools are better than coeducation schools. It is often argued that co-education schools permit higher interaction between sexes which causes more social interaction. On other hand, trainees in single sex schools achieve higher result. This essay is to argue the advantages of both kinds of schools. It will be argued that single sex schools supply better knowing and a better education for both kids and ladies.

There are a number of reasons that single sex schools are more advantage. Among these reasons, students in single sex schools achieve much better result than trainees in coeducation schools (Sax, 2002). Additionally, The Australian Council for Educational Research Study (2001, mentioned in Sax, 2002) reported that “both boys and women who were informed in single-sex classrooms scored usually 15 to 22 percentile ranks greater than did boys and women in coeducational settings”. In addition, researchers at the University of Michigan (Sax, 2002) competed that young boys in single sex high schools obtained high rating in reading, composing and math than did kids at coeducation schools likewise girls at single sex schools did remarkable in science and reading than girls in coeducation schools.

Furthermore, Hamilton (1985, mentioned in Sax, 2002) stated that students at single sex schools are better than students at coeducation schools in nearly all subject tested.

It has been argued that single sex schools catch the attention of the students who come from higher socioeconomic (Sax, 2002). Also, students in single sex schools are clever and come form greater socioeconomic (Smith, 1996). However, both the ACER study and the Foundation study found no proof to assure the hypothesis which reported single sex schools catch the attention of the students who come from higher socioeconomic (Sax, 2002). For example, in United states Riordan (cited in Sax, 2002) has revealed that girls who enter single sex Catholic schools characteristically come from a lower socioeconomic environment than girls who enter coeducation schools. In addition, the higher achievement for students in single sex schools not as a result of socioeconomic, the British Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) (1998, cited in Sax, 2002) shown that after effectuated exam for 800 students from single sex schools and coeducation schools. The result revealed that the higher achievement of students in single sex schools not as a result of socioeconomic factors, but occurred a consequent result of single sex education.

It has asserted that single sex schools do not arrange students for mainstreaming into mixed-sex workplace and society (Mael, Smith, Alonso, Rogers & Gibson, 2004). Dale; West and Hunter (1971, 1974; 1993 cited in Mael, Smith, Alonso, Rogers & Gibson, 2004) stated that because coeducation schools reproduce real-world social and workplace interactions, they are alleged to better arrange young cross-gender connections and addition society. However, students in single sex schools can acquire this feeling through daily life. Outside of schools there is always communication between boys and girls, through families’ activities, sports games and grassroots. Moreover, there is constantly some form of communication. Moreover, always there is interaction between boys and girls for example, when they move to study at university they will study together. In addition, the aims for education are success and achieve higher result, and this is what can you obtain in single sex schools.

In conclusion, this essay has argued that single sex schools are better than coeducation schools. It has occurred that single sex schools provide the best environment for students to obtain the better and higher result. It has been argued that single sex schools attract students from high socioeconomic however, no evidence to support this hypothesis. Also, it has been argued that single sex schools do not provide greater social interaction however; students in single sex schools can obtain social interaction from day life such as parties, families’ activities and grassroots. Single sex schools are better and more benefits than coeducation schools.


Mael, F., Smith, M., Alonso, A., Rogers, K. and Gibson, D. (2004). Theoretical Arguments For and Against Single-Sex Schools: A Critical Analysis of the Explanations. Washington, DC: American Institutes for

Sax, L. (2002). What’s the evidence? What have researches found when they compare single sex education with co-education?. National Association for Single Sex Public Education.

Smith, I.D. (1996). Gender Differentiation: Gender differences in academic achievement and self- concept in coeducational and single sex schools. Australian Research Council Institutional Grants Scheme Final Report.

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