Single Sex School Essay

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Single Sex School

Segregated schools shoot up very rapidly around the world, furthermore, many sociologists and educationalists support that it is more beneficial for girls to study in a girls-only secondary school than in co-educational school. Actually,the disadvantages overweigh the advantages of choosing such schools. This essay will argue three disadvantages brought by single-sex school: poor socialization skills, skewed perception of gender roles and incorrect learning styles.

To begin with,it is difficult for those who enter adult society after years of segregation to build meaningful friendships and even successful romantic relationships with opposite sex, according to the research published by Dr. Lynn Liben in 2011. Teenagers spend their formative years in the classroom developing skills that will help them maintain relationships throughout their lives. In addition, one of the chief aims of education is equip future citizens with all they require to take their places in adult society which is made up of male and female, it is clear that choosing single gender education is not a wise choice to access this purpose.

Second, attending an all-girls school can teach female students a skewed perception of gender roles. On purpose, girls might avoid certain activities because those subjects are stereotypically too masculinized. Girls at a single-sex institution may ridicule each other for participating in activities like football or basketball. Female students can miss out on discovering new interests and talents by avoiding certain subjects altogether.

Some Advocates of single-sex schools state that teachers can gear lessons toward a specific gender’s learning style. However, there is not enough research to prove that the learning styles of boys and girls differ enough to validate single-sex education. Also, not every boy and girl adheres to gender role stereotypes. Some girls are aggressive, and some boys are sensitive and shy. According to an article by Great Schools, gender-based learning styles prove ineffective and may even impair learning for students who don’t fit the mold.

In conclusion, girls in single sex schools might face disadvantages like poor socialization skills, skewed perception of gender roles and incorrect learning styles, so parents should be careful when they make decision of education style for their children.

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