Single Parents

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Single Parents

Being a parent also means being faced with huge responsibilities. Having a family is one of the unevitable stage in life which comes to anybody’s life and bearing a child is a gift. But, not all of these stuffs comes with a happy ending.

According to the National Statistics Coordination Board, there are approximately 14 million (out of 92.34 million as of May 2010) single parents in the Philippines and still counting. These figures are growing not only in the Philippines but also in the other parts of the world.

There are two reasons which i believe why solo parents are increasing in numbers nowadays. First, marriage did fail. Reasons? Maybe the other cheated or maybe because the other gone abroad and there’s no way to save the relationship. Second, they were too young to be settled; those who are engaged in “teenage pregnancy”, which the country is facing right now. Reasons? (a) Poverty. Attached to that word are “lack of education” and “curiosity”. (b) Transition in culture. As time goes by, younger and younger people are becoming more and more aggressive. As the country becomes more modern, people are becoming liberal caused by the things they encounter everyday. For example, the promiscuity or “boldness/sexuality” promoted by TV and media. Another is the permissive society; some youths cannot be tolerated anymore allowing them to do whatever they want. Possibility? Become PREGNANT EARLY, ending? SINGLE PARENT.

I believe, any problem has it’s own solution. They say, prevention is better than cure. Well, together we can be responsible. The answer?


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