Singapore: the relationship between housing prices, economic growth , influx of foreigners and affordability rate of housing

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Introduction to HDB ( Housing Development Board )

After the independency of Singapore, HDB was founded on 1 February 1960 during a lodging calamity, many people were so populating in slums, every bit good as crowded homesteader colonies which were highly unhygienic doing wellness jeopardies. Research shows that merely 9 per centum of Singaporeans had been populating in flats built by authorities back so.

Ever since the job of the deficit of lodging was found HDB had been assigned to cover with the job of deficit of lodging, covering with the job HDB has acted suitably and had 21,000 flats built within the span of three old ages, By 1965 HDB had 54,000 flats built and resolved the lodging crisis within 10 old ages from its foundation.


The intent of this article is to turn out that the houses in Singapore are turning unaffordable in an highly fast rate even though there is a little lessening of lodging monetary values as of late, it is important to bespeak and work out the job of the rising prices of lodging monetary values before it is excessively late to cover with, doing harm to be made critically to the economic system and to trip another economic system crisis.


The aim of this article is to research the relationship between lodging monetary values, economic growing, inflow of aliens and affordability rate of lodging in order to better understand the state of affairs that common citizens are presently confronting alternatively of depending on merely Numberss indicated on the GDP growing.

What is Housing Accessibility and Affordability?

Low-cost lodging refers to lodging that is suited for the demands of a assortment of highly low to just income households and cost in order that these households would be able to run into other indispensable life pay costs for case commissariats, garments, transit, medicative attention and instruction.

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As a by and large precise usher or belief, based on pattern instead than theory, lodging is often regarded as low-cost if it costs less than 30 per centum of gross household income.

Housing handiness simply indicates the ratio of fixed upfront costs to accessible nest eggs. The handiness ratio below or indistinguishable to harmonize shows that the buyer has sufficient money accessible for upfront costs. Home buyers should be able to merely capable of work outing their lodging handiness. At general degree supervising handiness is an of import guideline tool in ciphering the demand for lodging.

Long term affordability is the ratio of house value together with contract monetary value to lifetime gross or pecuniary assets. The concluding is the sum of on manus nest eggs in add-on to the deal cellar priced present worth of the expected approaching net incomes flow. Since the common age at initial nuptials for Singapore males is 30 the economical current cost of gross is calculated above the age 30-64 in order to focus on on initial house buyer. The lodging affordability per centum below otherwise tantamount to 30 % of gross often indicates that it is an cheap place.

Statisticss for the monetary value of per Square Metre of the houses located in the Centre of the most of import metropolis of each state in Asia

Beginning:( Global Property Guide, 2013 )

From this graph it shows that the house in Singapore is the 2nd highest in Asia after comparing.

Poverty rate compared with high income states

Beginning:( Roy, 2013 )

By looking at this graph it shows that Singapore has high poorness rate and the 2nd highest compared and near to Cambodia which topped the comparing.

Income Inequality

Beginning:( Roy, 2013 )

By looking at this graph it shows that Singapore has an highly high income inequality within the circle of the developed states.

GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) vs. GPI ( Genuine Progress Indicator )

GDP or known as Gross Domestic Product is used widely to cipher economic system advancement of a state including Singapore, nevertheless GPD has many misdirecting factors that lead to the rising prices of lodging monetary values, foremost would be GPD calculates overall income as a whole without the liabilities, hence demoing GPD growing high in many state of affairss, this is non healthy for the economic system as it would misdirect the people that would believe that the economic system is making good every twelvemonth, doing lodging monetary values to lift along with cost of populating while rewards remains dead.

However in contrast, GPI calculates the income after deducting the liabilities while distinguishing the benefits and drawbacks that straight or indirectly contribute towards the state economical and societal factors. Therefore giving a more precise and elaborate information demoing a echt advancement compared to GDP which shows advancement at any cost even if it means higher offense rates.

Comparison between GDP and GPI:

Crime– Gross domestic product reckons this as a addition as it increase belongings fixs, legal every bit good as medicative cost etc ; GPI regards it as a cost as does amendss to people’s life and convey approximately anxiousness.

Educationand Volunteering occupations– GDP wholly overlook these for the ground that no money changes custodies ; GPI sees both as a net income for a turning economic system.

Pollutions and Resource– Gross domestic product see both of the factors as gross, pollution would do two effects ( one time for creative activity of pollution and one time for killing ) GPI add up both as costs.

So by utilizing GDP as a reckoner it promotes ecological injury, passing all hours at your desk every bit good as advancing high offense rates and assumes that it is good for the economic system.

On the other manus, GPI shows that protecting the environment, instruction, volunteering occupations and lower offense rates are all good for the economic system.

Difference in computation of GDP and GPI


GDP ( Y ) is the computation of ingestion ( C ) , investing ( I ) , authorities outgo ( G ) and net exports ( X–M ) .

Y = C + I + G + ( X ? M )


The computation expression of Genuine Progress Indicator is the amount of income subjective personal use ( A ) , cost of non-market services ( B ) , minus of private defensive monetary value of natural impairment ( C ) and monetary value of impairment of environment every bit good as environmental resources ( D ) and eventually adding the addition in chief modesty and balance of planetary trade ( I )

GPI = A + B – C – D + I

Opinion of GDP and GPI comparing

In my sentiment, decision of this comparing the GDP “celebrates disasters” due to the nature of its computation entirely depending on pecuniary signifier, while GPIis a more comprehensive, precise, and holistic rating which affects day-to-day life and alterations in lodging and economic factors. It evaluates the well-being / felicity / quality of life of general populace, which means advancement toward true societal wealth, natural wealth, and economic wealth, which will straight and indirectly impact the market monetary values of the lodging economic system of Singapore.

How Has GDP affected lodging

Housing has played a major function in the portion of GDP, nevertheless the authorities of Singapore has focused excessively much on the GDP and disregarding the cause of the rising prices of lodging monetary values, it is shown clearly on the graph as stated above of the few factors that wealth has non been distributed every bit doing poorness every bit good as income inequality, by utilizing the graph as shown the belongings monetary values of Singapore is the highest among Asia.

With this sum of informations it shows that the authorities has implemented a failed policy due to the complete trust of GDP doing a high rising prices rate with high rate of poorness and fails to administer wealth every bit doing the people of Singapore who are on the lower income to endure therefore it is suggested that GPI should be implemented as a new indicant alternatively to reason a significantly precise indicant alternatively of trusting entirely on Numberss reflected on the GDP index to make up one’s mind on the economic system of the state.

Summary of article

In the current state of affairs of the lodging economic system in Singapore, it has been brought to attending that the houses are still unaffordable even though there is a little lessening in the monetary values in the last one-fourth of the twelvemonth, Sellerss and agents are holding a difficult clip looking for purchasers due to the random daze on the supply factor doing the lessening in estate demand in the resale market as purchasers would be waiting for the monetary value to farther lessening as intelligence in CNBC has claimed “expected monetary values to chill farther over the class of this twelvemonth and following” ( CNBC, Katie Holliday, Sim A. Wilson, III, 2014 )before make up one’s minding to buy a level, there was even a belongings agent by the name of Lionel Ng that claim that the state of affairs now is even worse than the fiscal crisis in twelvemonth 2008

Decision of article

The authorities of Singapore has recently introduced the inflow of aliens and investors to better the GDP of the state, nevertheless it has brought in a snake pit of a incubus of Singaporeans that would endure due to the misreckoning of the elites, the graph below would demo how has the misreckoning caused the Singaporeans to endure a heavy and annihilating blow and impacting the lodging economic system

Barbarous Cycle of lodging economic system that Singapore is traveling through

Root of the job

There are legion causes why the Singapore existent estate industry has seen its monetary values increase hysterically out of the range of common Singaporeans. These are separated by and large to demand dazes every bit good as supply inflexiblenessDemand Shocks to the Real estate industrySingapore ‘s authorities has an compulsion to foreign labour to cultivate its GDP has caused an unbarred entryway policy to foreign colonisation in the past few old ages, which causes an inflow of aliens. Foreigners that wish to come to Singapore would needfully necessitate an adjustment to populate in. This has resulted in a monolithic demand daze to the lodging system.

Demand Shock in the HDB rental market

The lower income foreign employees that are in Singapore would lease suites in HDB flats in many instances and it is common that a 4 room HDB flats would be rented out to many people at a clip in the same house, it means crowding of the lease industry which was originally built for proprietors to remain in doing it to turn into a commercial lodging market by renting to residents. This state of affairs would non hold happened without the unmonitored inflow of foreign labours into Singapore.

Demand Shock in the HDB resale market

Not merely are aliens leasing HDB resale flats, many are in add-on buying HDB flats. Foreigners that are wealthier can even use for a Permanent Resident ( PR ) position and go on to buy HDB resale houses. The monetary values for HDB resale minutess all over Singapore have been caused about partially by PRs who are acute to pay extremely hyperbolic monetary values for the houses available.

Herding out of Singaporeans in the private belongings market

With a immense development of the private banking industry every bit good as casino, Singapore is presently seeking to carry the highly rich people to put in Singapore. Not merely does their money travel into the economic industry and the Casino, they would finally put in private belongings. The inflow of foreign capital into the private belongings is now doing a host out of Singaporeans from the same. An rising prices of the value of private belongings, have resulted in a spillover of capital into the HDB resale industry, since Singaporeans who are no longer able to afford private belongings, can merely afford HDB resale flats.

Supply inflexibleness in the Housing MarketMah Bow Tan ‘s alteration from anticipate and physique policy to a physique to order ( BTO ) policy has caused monolithic supply inflexibleness in the lodging industry. Alternatively of traveling frontward lodging substructure to fix for the mass inflow of the foreign population, supply of HDB substructure merely label on the demands of first clip appliers.This would intend that lodging supply would be less than demand. There isn’t any manner that the freshly built houses would be able to compare with the demand daze presently confronting in the lodging industry. There is a immense clip oversight between the immense, headlong displacement in the demand curve for lodging in add-on to the slow and sloging displacement in supply of lodging to fit the demand of consumers. A rapid demand curve displacement to the right with no fiting supply displacement will do monetary value addition in the merchandise or services – and the unmanageable lodging monetary value rising prices is grounds of that.

The Failures of Economic PolicyThe authorities policies that are mentioned below have led straight to the above demand dazes every bit good as supply inflexibleness

  1. An compulsion to foreign labour and foreign capital in order to falsely blow up GDP statistics
  2. Lack of focal point on the quality of life and criterion of life in economic steps and a failure to turn labour income every bit good as productiveness.
  3. Liberalization of HDB resale market which allow foreign capital influxs to blow up lodging value
  4. Fail to be after for an appropriate adjustment substructure to house the dwellers and colonisation addition.
  5. By and large fail to incorporate or set up for the in-migration policy that was implemented by them.

In effort to “ decide ” several Singapore’s “ jobs ” , the authorities has ended up bring forthing many other jobs like diminution in criterion of life every bit good as sadness, and has evencreated a job tothe population by doing the cost of conveying up a household higher.

Recommendation and execution scheme

Presently to my cognition the lodging rising prices is caused by several chief points which are inflow of aliens, demand daze, falsely hyperbolic GDP statistics, migration of tyrants/investors every bit good as the demand daze which is the chief job of the rising prices.

  1. Recommendation for inflow of aliens

Presently the state of affairs sing the inflow of aliens has non been controlled decently by the authorities hence leting the floodgates to be opened doing a mass inflow of aliens due to the currency power of Singapore, the chief purpose of these aliens would be coming to gain a sustainable income before returning to their fatherland.

What could be done to decide in respect to this job is that the authorities of Singapore could get down commanding the inflow on the sum of aliens able to work in Singapore in order to better command the supply and demand curve of lodging, more aliens would intend more demand, so by cutting down on demand the supply would be stabilized later.

  1. Recommendation for the demand daze presently confronting

Demand daze has been a job of lodging due to the sudden inflow of aliens, harm has been done to the lodging economic system of Singapore taking to the high rising prices of houses cost monetary value.

What could be recommended to decide this job? It is suggested that the authorities of Singapore control the ability that aliens that are able to buy houses in Singapore in order to hold a better control the demand daze that are presently confronting.

  1. Recommendation of falsely inflated GDP statistics

GDP has been used worldwide in most states around the universe it has been used to cipher the sum that the mean citizens of the state has been doing and other statistics like mean household income, nevertheless GDP does non cipher the inauspicious impacts that would impact the economic system straight or indirectly like pollution and offense rates.

By utilizing GDP as an index this would take to a societal job in the long tally even if it shows that the economic system is blossoming due to the high offense rates and pollution and other jobs like divorce. It is recommended that GPI could replace GDP as GPI uses a entire different attack to cipher the economic system, GPI uses other indexs like felicity and good being as a factor, compared the complete trust of GDP which would impact the economic system on the long tally where citizens are unhappy and even though the economic system is making good, the quality of life of citizens are highly low and this does non demo true economic growing.

  1. Recommendation for the migration of tyrants/investors

Migration and imports of aliens has been brought in to increase the GDP of Singapore by the authorities. However this has been doing excessively much of a job when investors can really purchase more than a house in order to raise the monetary value of the existent estate economic system in Singapore.

What could be recommended for the solution to this job is that commanding the sum of flats and houses each household that migrates here can buy, as there is a factor of scarceness in land in Singapore, buying more belongingss means there would be less land available to the common public taking to an instability in the supply and demand. When there is more demand than supply the lodging monetary values would increase as purchasers try to outbid each other in order to buy the house.

  1. Recommendation for demand daze

Presently Singapore is confronting a factor of demand daze due to the addition in demand of the flung unfastened floodgates to aliens every bit good as investors ; this has been doing a immense job to the economic system as the monetary values of existent estate all of a sudden flung sky high.

What could be recommended for the solution towards the demand daze. The demand daze has been doing a major job to the existent estate economic system in the recent old ages, it is recommended that the authorities to merely let the aliens and investors who are non Singaporeans to merely buy private lodging which consists of condominiums and private belongings. By implementing this factor it would non merely profit the citizens of Singapore as at that place would non be a immense rising prices in the HDB market, it besides benefits the private belongings economic system as investors would hold to pay more in order to buy a lodging unit.


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