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Singapore Presentation

My topic for today is whether graciousness is important and how this can be encouraged. Let me give you a brief overview of my outline. To begin with, I will provide some background information and define graciousness in a society.

Next, I will examine 3 ways that a gracious society can be encouraged, namely through parents’ modelling, education and government influence. Finally, I will end my presentation by recapping the main points and making a prediction about the topic.

Now, I am going to explain what it means to be a gracious. Graciousness is defined as kindness and showing compassion and respect. Many countries are developing financially. It remains important to develop graciousness too. Why is this important? It is crucial to develop a gracious society. Through developing a gracious society, citizens are able to live in a harmonious environment regardless of different cultures, races and values. As a result, the whole country will become more harmonious and quality of life will improve.

Before I move on with the body of my presentation, I’d like to share with you some interesting information I researched about graciousness in Singapore.

(60% Singaporean play a role in promotes graciousness society. 78%felt that giving award will encourage graciousness.)

To begin with, first way of encouraging graciousness, is the parents’ role. Parents are the best teachers of their children. Therefore it is necessary for parents to behave graciously so that their children will learn from them. For instance, if parents offer their seats to the elderly and pregnant women, the children will realize such behaviour is right and will model after it. Parents’ modelling is a really important way to lead children how to behave graciously.

Next, the second manner in which graciousness can be promoted is in school is just like a small society, the leader should lead a correct way to let students learn how to be graciously with each other. Good knowledge can help people improve themselves. Education can deliver people from ignorance. Good education can expand people’s sight and improve themselves to be gracious and good citizens.

For instance, in Singapore which country we called it ‘The Garden City’, because it has low crime rate, good civilization and environment. This has been established are by an excellent education, they really attach importance to education. Students are encouraged to perform acts of kindness through some activities. They also attach civic and moral value classes.

Thirdly, the government should punish people who act is against a gracious society, such as criminal acts. I think a good environment is very important for people to behave graciously. In this way, the country will have a high standard in the world.

What do I mean by this? Let me illustrate. Everybody can see the uneven development of Chinese society has become increasingly apparent in recent years. Differences between urban and rural environments, and between regions and sectors have deepened income disparities. The government must develop policies to build a harmonious society. Otherwise, there will be a lot of discontent which lead to ungracious acts.

To summarise, I will recap my main points. I shared 3 ways on how to promote graciousness, which are parents’ modeling, education and government’s influence.

What will happen in future? Behave graciously is really important for a people. Everyone should do their effort, do the best they can. If everyone behaves politely and graciously, the society will be peaceful. A gracious society will lead a country become more charming and enable people to live in a better environment. And also people will have a nice environment. The country will have a high standard and regard in the world.

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