Singapore Airlines Essay

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Singapore Airlines

1. WHAT IS THE ‘SERVICE CONCEPT’ OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES?Singapore Airlines handles a strategy of Service Excellence which means they have to deliver an outstanding service to their customers all the time and on every aspect of the flying-experience. Furthermore they want to provide this high quality service in a safe, reliable and economical way, so this excellence also has to be cost-effective. Singapore Airlines understands that to give their customers the best service as in a great experience and good value, they can’t just compare themselves with other airlines. Customers will benchmark them against the best service-giving companies. Therefore they always try to be the best service company. This challenging motto has caused that the company give priority to profitability over size.

2. WHAT ARE THE SUCCES FACTORS OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES?The five pillars of Singapore Airlines’ cost-effective service excellence can definitely be described as their success factors. They consist of rigorous service design and development, total innovation, ingraining profit consciousness in all employees, achieving strategic synergies and developing staff holistically. Singapore Airlines’ corporate culture exists of change and development that leads to continuous improvement. They possess an extensive customer feedback mechanism which helps its staff not only to listen to customers, but also to understand them. They see the high expectations as a resource for innovation ideas. Also staff gets a lot of opportunities to give feedback so they contribute to the big picture.

Together with broad benchmarking, they can throw everything into the race of being the best-in-class service company. As said before, to be and to stay the best in service excellence, constant and total innovation is required. Because continuous incremental development comes at a lower cost, it also supports cost-effectiveness. Therefore connecting with people lifestyle’s needs is really important. Singapore Airlines choose to be a leader and a follower at the same time. They try to be a leader when it comes down to customer service but on the areas that are less visible from the customer’s point of view they try to be a fast follower. That way they can reduce the risk but still deliver the necessary functionality. Managers and staff are both very aware of the need for profit and cost-effectiveness. This awareness reduces wastage.

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