Singapore Airline Essay

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Singapore Airline

Singapore Airline has been widely acknowledged as well known brand name in the aviation industry since it was established in 1947, particularly in term of safety, innovation and excellent services. Due to the route network spans over 93 cities in more than 38 countries ( with the most modern fleet in the industry, in addition to Star Alliance member airlines to co-operate with more than 20 international airlines over the world, Singapore Airline has provided the best services to its customer and built the strong brand in their mind. For over 38 years independent existence since it was separated form alliance Malayan Airway Limited in 1972, Singapore Airlines has continuously developed and rapidly become one of the great airlines of the World based on the superior values and the specific culture that it dedicates to customer. Besides, through the provided services, SIA has impressed in customer’s mind by its creativity, diversity and continuous improvement; throughout it could satisfy better the customer’s demand as well gaining the certain competitive advantages in the target market.

However, during the history, SIA sometime had to face certain problems that came from itself and negative effects from external environment (inflation, crisis economy, etc.) as well. Especially, during and after the difficult economic situation when Sars outbreak in 2003 and economic crisis in Middle East in the same year, the relationship between the group management and the labor unions in internal organisation began to sour, particularly after the wage-cuts and lay-offs of over 400 employees. In fact, this was regarded as the highest number of lay-offs in the history of Singapore Airline. In order to archive its goals today as one of the world’s leading carries, Singapore Airline underwent the long history with the point of time as follow: The history of SIA started in April 1947, when the first flight of SIA took off from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. At that time, SIA was known under the name Malayan Airways.

In 1963, when Federation of Malaysia was formed, SIA was renamed Malaysian Airways. Three years later, 1966, when Singapore was separated from the federation, SIA became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In 1972, it was split up from Malaysian Airways and keep operating under the brand name Singapore Airline till now. In 1986, “Singapore Girl” with the uniform of sarong kebaya was born. This figure has become the famous icon of SIA that is a figure of a beautiful girl in the oriental scent, elegant and friendly, warm and full of empathy like the culture that SIA always tries to dedicate into customers. In 1990s, 2000s, SIA had expanded its route networks with more aircrafts: 22 B747-400s and 30 A340-300s in 1994, 77 B777s in 1995, and 10 A340-500 in 1998, 19 A380s 20 more B777-200s in 2001 (Singapore Airlines).

In 2004, SIA opened the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight: Singapore to New York and Singapore to Los Angeles. In 2007, SIA made another record with the world’s largest commercial plane – A380. Nowadays, because of the route network spans 93 destinations in more than 38 countries with the most modern fleet in the industry, SIA has a strong presence in the South East Asian region, which together with its subsidiary SilkAir, connects Singapore with more international destinations in the region than any other South East Asian airline (

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