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Simple Machines (Mark Twain Media, Inc. Publications)

equals net force/mass

Actual Mechanical Advantage
the ratio of the resistance force to the effort force

related to resistance and force. The ratio of the resistance to the effort force is called ideal mechanical advantage

Archimedian Screw
Device invented to raise water

Belt System
A compound machine made up of the wheel and axle and pulley

In a Block and Tackle System
pulleys can change the direction of a force and multiply the force. The block & tackle system consists of a fixed and movable pulley

screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a central point, or a winding inclined plane.

is an example of a lever that consists of a bar supported at only one end

The Catapult
a machine that works like a slingshot and is capable of launching heavy objects

Compound Machine
When two or more simple machines work together to perform one task, (it becomes a compound machine)

A belt looped around two pulleys in a _________ __________ _____________ will cause the wheels to rotate in __________ directions
cross pattern arrangement, opposite

The gear on which the force is applied is the __________, and the other gear is the ________ _______.
driver, driven gear

Represented by the force that you apply to move a load (resistance)

Effort is sometimes referred to as
Effort Force

ability to do work

Using a _______ ______ ______, the force changes directions. The ______ is on one side of fulcrum, and the ________ are on the other side of the lever.
first-class lever, load, forces

is any push or pull in a particular directions or that which produces or prevents motion.

is a force that resists motion.

or pivot point is a fixed point.

Gear Train
When two or more gears are meshed together

Gear Wheel
combinations of different diameters are used to increase or decrease speed

are toothed wheels and axles

Ideal Mechanical Advantage (IMA)
is the ratio of the distance the effort force moves to the distance the resistance force moves

any gears between the driver and the driven gear

Inclined Plane
a device that allows for us to increase the height of an object without lifting it vertically

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