Facebook wastes time Essay

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Facebook wastes time

I believe that facebook is bad. In this essay I will tell that Facebook wastes time, occupies the hosts mind and is not, no matter what people say is not the same as actual social interaction. Facebook is not my friend and neither should it be yours,

My first reason why facebook is not my friend is because that it wastes everybody time. Now my argument is just armed at facebook, but also the people who make facebook games, Zynga is a major corporation that owns any and all ‘good’ facebook is games. Facebook itself almost makes you check it, making you wonder what your friends are up to, the idea of a public diary almost, something that anybody can contribute to, a encyclopaedia of a person’s life if you will. You could spend minuets, an hour maybe hours at a time just staring at a page when you could be doing something more important, maths homework perhaps?

My second argument is that it occupies the hosts mind and doesn’t let anything else in. What I mean by this is that facebook is what some people always think about, they think how many likes they get, what people say about them through private messages and most importantly for some people, how many friends they have. There has been a term for people like these, facebook aholics, people that are always on facebook or worse, people who always think about facebook. There are times that I know that people lose their social life for a virtual life, people stop planning meetings and instead plan them on facebook, the days of not too long ago of RSVP’ing is no lost as almost every event is through facebook and that’s how people respond to them. Free thinking is gone, it is no more, everything on the internet is a reblog, a reblog of a reblog, and all of this is shared through facebook, people think what they are told, and they are told though facebook, nothing new nothing original.

My last argument is that instant messaging through facebook is not the same as actual social interaction, face to face. The ‘chat’ system on facebook is the most used one on facebook, pages, walls, games are all good and everything, but what really makes facebook great is the chat system on it, or so we think. There are 26 letters on the keyboard, 10 numbers, 13 symbols, and yet unbelievably this does not make the same level of interaction as talking to someone. When was the last time a person came up to you in the street, someone you know, and they said ‘Heezzz howssss you doings???’ if you can tell me a time of when that happened I would suggest finding some new friends. While people may express themselves differently from behind a computer screen I still find no excuse for people to talk ‘likez thiss’ it makes them seem like an even bigger idiot then they are. People cloud their identity, pretend to be something or someone they aren’t, and that makes the entire socialisation, well… pointless.

Those are just some reasons you shouldn’t use facebook, facebook is horrible, nobody should use it, it wastes time, fills your mind with nothing but junk and is far more unhealthy socially then going out and talking. Facebook is not my friend, neither is it yours, take a stand, unfriend facebook.

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