Similarities and Differences of Cities

Presumably everyone has experienced moving from one city to another. I lived in my hometown before primary school, and did not move from my hometown to the city where I live now until I went to primary school. Now if you want to move from my hometown to the city where I live now, I give this view. My point is that you should understand the similarities and differences between our hometown and the city where I live now.

The similarities between my hometown and the city I live in now are reflected in two points.

First, both my hometown and the place where I live now have relatively small shops. For example, there will be a small supermarket next to our hometown. Similarly, there is a small supermarket next to the community where I live now. Second, the eating habits in my hometown are similar to those in my current living place. I remember that when I was in my hometown, I would go to a restaurant with my friends for dinner.

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The taste of cooking in the restaurant is generally light. Not only the taste of my hometown is light, but also the taste of the restaurants in my city. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your bad appetite when you come to the new city. In summary, my hometown and I live in are similar in some ways.

However, my hometown and the city where I live now are diametrically opposed in three ways. First of all, the air quality in my hometown is very good, which is incomparable in many places.

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In contrast, the air quality in the city I live in is relatively poor because there are not so many trees here. On the other hand, the transportation in our hometown is not very convenient. I remember when I was at home, I had to transfer twice when traveling or going to school. I have to go to the bus stop by bike, then go to the coach station by bus, and then go out by coach. On the contrary, it is very convenient to travel in the city where I live now. I have subway stations and bus platforms when I go out. Moreover, you can call a taxi at any time, which is not possible in your hometown. Last but not least, the economic situation between our hometown and the city I live in is very different. If you can get thousands of wages in your hometown, then you can get several times the wages in the city where I live now. Because the expenses of your hometown and the city where you live now are not the same, you may be paid several times the salary but you still cannot live a prosperous life. In short, there are three differences between my hometown and the city I live in now.

In conclusion, from the final comparison, living in the hometown and living in the city have similarities and differences. You may have a more modern lifestyle in the city I live in, but there are also many disadvantages. If you come to my current city because of a better job or better salary, then you can’t even solve the problem of renting houses when you first came because of the higher prices. Of course, if you are coming to the city where I live now, then you are welcome!

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