Sikhism Essay Topics

Jainism and Sikhism

Jainism and Sikhism As both religions originated and patronized in India, there are numerous ways in which the two can be similarly represented. Jainism, which is said to be founded by Vardhamana Mahavira who lived in 599-527 BC (Berry), is regarded as one of the oldest religions while Sikhism, pioneered by Guru Nanak, was established… View Article

Winter season

It was the Khandpaath of Baishakhi Gurpurab in 2010 at our local gurdwara Metiabruz, Khandpaath: it is an unbreakable continous reading of SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB (HOLY BOOK OF SIKH, Total pages 1430), Readers are changed frequently after like 2 hours and it takes approx 50 hours to complete. It was a sunny day, saturday… View Article