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We all by being the prisoners of the fatalism who makes hilarious jokes with us the possibility of believing in impossibilities to be real is really scores a very less amount in number. The real problem is that “Do those impossibilities are possible in our real-life condition”? When we were children we used to live in a dream world where people are more or less than immortal with supernatural powers or moral who are uncommon in different perspectives.

But with the change of time being and the growth of human level of mentality while we are passing the different Stages in our life staircase we are tend to believe in possibilities rather than the impossibilities because society crafts our mind set to be real and allocates us a certain space with in the crowd to be realistic in all means. But what would happen to such worlds and crafted characters in such dreams of people when they were small kinds? Would their faith in impossibilities become just a matter of utopia? Such thousands of unanswered questions are left in this space without being possessed by anyone due to the so-called realistic figure that we adapting.

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Do you have ever thought that such impossibilities contain the most precious answers to the mind made problems that we face at this moment?

From the moment that you begin to think differently and try to be self-satisfied than being limited in a frame of fulfilling the social expectations, you become a symbol of free spirit more or less in many ways.

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The more we become liberated by setting free the ties that are in power of changing us, the we appear to be the inheritors of freedom. One who realized that social expectations are higher than the potential you created within your mind, you start to move away from such tiresome affairs and restart your tour of life with the prioritizing of your own happiness and freedom. Most of us are not in the position of leaving everything behind and popup with the favour and unsatisfied eager to try everything at least once in our whole life. We may go in our whole life by searching bonds, friends, love, family and basically everything that society expects us to be with in order to be a socially accepted member in the casual sense. Would that all make you happy? But still the self-achievement or the what we truly need in life is far beyond the things that we practice. Therefore, people who are perfectly tamed by the social accepted means of life look upon such feelings of free spirit of an individual as disease. But is not that the life that all are seeking secretly from the deepest point of our heart that no one can see?

To be a free spirit no one is capable of guiding you because guiding as it still contains some essence of belonginess, empowering and controlling which should be omitted in following the theory of self-realization. One who starts to set himself free usually can be labelled as different from others by those who follow the path of tradition blindly but actually become different is possible and still it is beautiful. No one complain about the change that you make unless it is unaffected by negativity and influenced others with the harmful powers of evil. So being different is out of matter and being out of the box for the purpose of gaining awareness of one’s liberation is all right and still possible. If you are still confused in tallying yourself with freedom, here are some of free spirit.

You are not afraid of being alone:

Being isolated is no more troubling you with regard to your personal and mental faculties. Once we adapt to be alone and experience to be in our box for a certain period of time in order to be avoided and to ignore the arrows of social accepted way of living, you might realize “alone” is not just a feeling it is an art that many are not afford to adapt but hard to get rid once we addicted to it. On the moment we leave the socially created mind set of lining together with a crowd does not valid anymore for a person who tries to be free from these chaotic circumstances.

You are unconventional and different:

As we have been socially brought up in a society where surrounding crowd decide your way of living in the society is really unbearable and you may recognize it as a stupid thing. It can be because in a society where your destiny is fully decided from your birth to the death, at which point you are going to spend your life? That may be the reason why people come up with the felling of setting them self-free from the social conventions which is universally branded as being unconventional. Some unconventional modes of life have been now bloomed in this society. They may interpret it to be hippie or some other radical movement which has widely spread throughout this large mass of humans in the world. A girl who is not married at the age of 25 is possible and married at 35 and having children is still wonderful and make your family at 45 is still an achievement and such socially created frames might not be the proper one for your drawing of life. And there is no wrong in it.

No one is capable of understanding you and love for adventures:

You would realize that when you are no more in the concept of satisfying the social needs and out f our puppet life, people would found it extremely difficult to understand you and you become much more compact with your own liberty. Sometimes even some adventurous genes that might have hidden in your body can be reborn with this.

Prioritizing the independence and lust to test everything:

Freedom is everything that a free spirit waiting for in his life. Having your own decisions and the qualified capacity of performing your future in a decent way would make you fully liberated from ties that bind you to the sense of social responsibility. At the moment that you value your own passions and prioritizing your wish of independence is a successful achievement in self-happiness and it is quite sure that it would keep your smile due to the lack of worries and additional literal sufferings.

Most certainly we are sharply tamed in this framed society where realism painted every one’s life with the same category of colours. But life has given us with the chance to make a choice to be free. Everything is possible in this world to make your mindset fully facilitated with liberty and happy. Change is accepted and it is still beautiful and never be afraid to be change because freedom itself is a synonym for the inner freedom of a soul that we experience among numerous feelings we possess. Still free spirit is possible and available within yourself to bring your life to light.

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