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Significance of the Study.docx

Individuals have dependably been traveling from one place to another, and more often than not trip has hardly been secure, regardless of the expenses and transportation implies. The quantities of free explorers that had managed dread of uncertainty, accentuated the significant part that wellbeing and security plays in settling on movement decisions and exhibited unmistakably that peace is the closest companion of movement and tourism while war and frailty are among its most exceedingly terrible foes.
The peace and order in any territories of the Philippines have been characterized as conflicting and fretful.

Peace and order must begin in the little unit of society which is the family. Each individual from the family should mindful of wrongdoings and its awful impacts. With enough information about this issue, most likely everybody is arranged and can work independently without living in fear. In keeping up the execution, the barangay authorities additionally depicting an overwhelming part in which they have to apply such a great amount of push to ensure everybody’s security.

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Beside the Philippine National Police or PNP’s critical nearness to network, authorities chose to assemble an advisory group in charge of keeping peace and request amid evening time. These men supposed barangay “tanods” which they are to keep those unlawful demonstrations occurring amid darks hours that perhaps make turmoil and annihilate the execution of peace and request that is instilled to the general population.
Nonetheless, there are still stubborn ones connecting with disturbances regardless of how solid and profound the devotion of barangay authorities, law masters and barangay tanods in keeping up the peace and request.

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The majority of these non-well behaved men are minor 15 years old carrying out road violations like hoodlums and grabs. While different types of wrongdoing like unlawful medications, illicit betting, fear-based oppression and abusive behavior at home are inclined to grown-up ages.
The researcher might want to decide whether peace and order is very much actualized and all around kept up in the Inabanga Bohol on the grounds that nobody can tell when and where violations will exist, how does barangay authorities, law masters, and barangay tanods do their separate errands so they can anchor everybody’s life, and their conceivable approaches to diminish the expanding number of wrongdoing rate yearly in the said put. By perusing a greater amount of this exploration, perusers will have the capacity to answer those inquiries above.
The study is anchored on the Barnard Acceptance Theory or Zone Indifference Theory as mentioned in the book of Manwong and San Diego (2010) viewed that the organization as “cooperative system” of individuals embodying three essential elements: 1.) Establishing and maintaining a system of communication, 2.) Securing essential services from other members and 3.) Formulating organizational purposes and objectives.The distribution of authority is an important process within the organization. However, the source of the authority did not reside in the person who gave the orders, rather, authority resided in the subordinates who could choose to either accept or reject directives from superiors.
This theory is used in this study since it looked into the effectiveness of an organization. Barangay tanod is an organization composed of trained men in uniform to protect and serve the community against lawless elements and this theory manifest that as an organization it should be cooperative in establishing and maintaining good communication for its effectiveness.
The study is guided by a conceptual model utilizing the Coomb’s Systems’ Approach involving three frames, the input-process and output. The first frame which refers to the input consists of the Barangay Officials and Residents as respondents of the study described in terms of age, sex, number of years residency. This also includes effectiveness of barangay tanod relation on community safety, barangay tanod community services, community participation and
The second frame refers to the process include the steps in the conduct of the study while the third frame shows the output consists of the level of perception of the respondents on effectiveness of police community relation
The line from the output leading back to process and input is called the Feedback which means that there is a continuing process and when there are errors committed along the line, the researcher may go back either to the process or output.

1270044196000054648104419600005276850206883034194752011680001714500205930595252078355 PROFILE OF RESPONDENTS
1.1 Age
1.2 Sex
1.3 Number of years Residency/Visitation
2.1 Community information
2.2 police institutional information
2.3 Community Safety
2.4 community organization and mobilization

1.1 Age
1.2 Sex
1.3 Number of years Residency/Visitation
2.1 Community information
2.2 police institutional information
2.3 Community Safety
2.4 community organization and mobilization

27241504688205 Level of Perception of respondents on the performance of the Barangay tanod

Action Plan for the Improvement of the performance
Barangay tanodLevel of Perception of respondents on the performance of the Barangay tanod

Action Plan for the Improvement of the performance
Barangay tanod

This study will focused on measuring the extent of Relation between the performance of the barangay tanod and the Community of Inabanga Bohol.
Specifically, this study intends to answer the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the respondents with regards to :1.1 age ;1.2 sex ;1.3. Residency/Visitation
2. What is the perception of the respondents of Inabanga Bohol in performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order.2.1 community information
2.2 police institutional information
2.3 community safety ; and
2.4 community organization and mobilization
3. Is there a significant difference on the perception of the respondents on the effectiveness of Morong Police community relation when grouped according to their profile?

Significance of the Study
This study is significant to the following:
The Citizens. The result of the study will make the citizens realize the importance of performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order to the society and to make them understand what the barangay tanod can do to serve and protect them.
The Barangay Officials. The result of the study will be a base of the barangay officials/ officers like the barangay tanod is there to guide the barangay to a peaceful community and also help the police in time of any trouble to the barangay.
The Municipal Officials. The result the study will contribute a betterment of the municipality because the barangay tanod are there ready to help in time of need. The result can be the basis of the municipal officers to craft an ordinance that may further enhance the police and community relation.
The Police officers. This will the police understand the important of having a good relationship between them and to the community. Also the community will have the trust and cooperate in their work like in solving a criminal case to the society.
The Researchers. The result of the study will serve as an avenue for them to discover the importance and to have knowledge about the performance of the barangay tanod.
The Future Researchers. The future researchers may utilize the data or result of this study or future reference in conducting similar study.
Definition of Terms
The following are the terms used in the study and it will be defined to enlighten the readers of this research.
Community relation – specialist are responsible for developing and implementing community outreach program including social ; community awareness incentives. They work with the organization to create programs that promote the organizations image in a positive and community oriented way.
Public relation – the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or famous person. The state of the relationship between the public and a company or other organizations or famous person.Community service – voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area unpaid work, intended to be of social use, that an offender is required to do instead of going to prison.
Community participation – is a proven approach to addressing health care issues and has been long utilized in HIV prevention in the united states and in development internationally, in projects varying from sanitation to child survival, clean water, and health infrastructure.
Community – is a social unit of any size that shares common values, or that is situated in a given geographical area ( e.g. a village or town)it is a group of people who are connected by durable relation that extend beyond immediate genealogical ties and who usually define that relationship as important to their social identity and practice
Police community relation – they are complicated and constantly changing interactions between representatives of the police organization and an assortment of governmental agencies, public group, and private individual representing a wide range of competing and often conflicting interests. Successful police community- relations must take into account exchange relationship among community groups located both inside and outside the police organizations. These exchange relationships depend on feedback from the internal and external community groups.
Public information program – designed to bridge any communication gap between the police and public
Public relation program – designed to maintain harmony and mutual support between the police and the community.
Civic action program – designed to maintain and encourage community development.
Psychological program – designed to condition both friendly and hostile public thereby insuring facilitating the attainment of police objectives.
Part I: Demographic Data of Respondent. Please check the line/ write what is ask that corresponds to your answer.
Age: ___________
Sex: ____ Male ______ Female
Civil status: __Single __Married ___Widowed ____ Separated
Socio-economic status:
Highest educational attainment
_____ elementary Undergraduate
______ elementary Graduate
_____ high school undergraduate
_____ high school graduate
_____ college undergraduate
_____ college Graduate
_____ with units in Masters
______ master’s degree
_____ with units in doctoral
_____ doctorate degree
Nature of work: _____________________________
Number of encounter with barangay tanod in past 6 months: ____________

Part II: Police- Community Relation Program. Please put check mark on the box that corresponds to your answer using the following scale.

Arbitrary Value Statistical Limit Descriptive Value
4 3.25- 4.00 Strongly Agree
3 2.50- 3.24 Agree
2 1.75- 2.49 Disagree
1 1.00- 1.74 Strongly Disagree

A. Duties of Police Officers
Statement 4 3 2 1
Public information program
1 Public relation program
The barangay tanod issue pamphlets from time to time regarding police activities which are of public concern. The barangay tanod evolve and conduct public relation program to promote better and closer relation between the police and the community. The barangay tanod build good image through actual commendable performance, without inefficient and corruption. The barangay tanod evaluate public opinion and attitude with respect to the policies method, personnel of the police station. The barangay tanod plan and carry out program aimed at keeping the public informed on police activities. Psychological operation program
The barangay tanod strive to mold the youth into useful and law abiding citizens, thereby minimizing their chance to engage in the criminal activities and preventing them from being influenced by the misguided elements of the society The barangay tanod be adequately prepared to articulate on the gains achieved by the government in formal or informal gathering so that they may develop unity and cooperation among people and neutralize any smear campaign being wage by the elements hostile to our government. The barangay tanod develop an attitude of deep concern for the individuals in his area of operation instead of being indifferent to their problems. The barangay tanod be instrumental in the development of civic mindedness among the criminal offenders under his custody by providing examples why crime does not pay. Civic action program
The barangay tanod encourage and actively participate in athletic competitive in promote youth development by wisely coordinating with the social elements of the populace. The barangay tanod initiate if necessary, fund raising campaigns for juvenile delinquents, who are being reformed. The barangay tanod be alert to safeguard the community against loss and damages on properties and possible death, in the event of calamity. The police officers render every possible assistance especially to the menfolk in enabling them obtain them means of productive endeavors and discourage them from loitering in the street, or engaging uneconomic activities such as illegal gambling and others.
B. Activities of Police Officers
Statement 4 3 2 1
Public information program
Conduct of barangay tanod seminars. Conduct of barangays and informed the barangay officials regarding trends and other police community problems. Police station commanders assign a place in police station for barangay leaders so that they can work together and provide coordination. Produce and distributes brochures, advising people on how to protect themselves in their homes and premises. Conduct environmental sanitation seminar. Conduct troop information or an educational and historical lectures in all units offices of police district. Conduct cleanliness, saturation or information drive where notice of such deficiencies are issued. Public relation program
Conduct face to face communications including dialogue with the public. Attend social cultural activities of the barangay, such as birthdays, weddings, baptismal parties, wake and others. Attend multi-sectoral ugnayans, which include religious sects, school, barangays, civic organization and governmental agencies. Sending letters of appreciation to citizens who assists the police in their work. Conduct first aid and traffic safety education. Promotion of manpower development for out of school youth. Sponsorship of youth athletic activities. Assist in immediate in setting disputes at barangay level. Psychological operation program
Conduct seminars among barangay officials, police civic relation officers, school officials to enable them to understand home defense activities Promote seminars among barangay leaders regarding community relation activities Identify income generating projects/ activities. Civic action program
Conduct of free reflexology programs. Assist Philippines national red cross on blood donation campaign by exerting extra effort in appealing to barangay officials. Conduct free medical and dental civic action to the community. Conduct free deforming of affected children in depressed areas. Assisting the citizens in case of transportation strike and other similar cause. Develop and maintain cleanliness and beautification of surroundings. Attend backyard gardening, tree planting and greening projects.

Part III. Public Satisfaction on the Police- Community Relation Program. Please put check mark on the box that corresponds to your answer using the following scale.
Arbitrary Value Statistical Limit Descriptive Value
4 3.25- 4.00 Very Satisfied
3 2.50- 3.24 Satisfied
2 1.75- 2.49 Partially Satisfied
1 1.00- 1.74 Unsatisfied
Statement 4 3 2 1
Information program
1. Accuracy of information 2. Fact transmission ; dissemination of information 3. Organized and one way communication directory 4. Reliability of information 5. Clarify of information Relation program
1. Attendance in community gatherings 2. Assistance in community gathering 3. Frequent dialogue with the community people ; officials 4. Visibility of police in any occasion ( Barangay fiesta) 5. Youth athletic activities Psychological program
1. police officers communication process 2. Income generating activities 3. Seminars organized by police Civic action program
1. Visibility in medical and dental mission 2. Participation in clean and green program of the community 3. Maintenance of the cleanliness and orderliness of the community 4. Assistance ; participation on bloodletting program

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