Significance of the Study Essay

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Significance of the Study

This study intends to make use of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) peeling as a major component in making vinegar to reduce post-harvest loss of pineapple and to promote the safe and positive effects of using pineapple peeling as a major component in making vinegar.

This study is helpful to the environment because it reduces pineapple waste which contains residual pulp, peels that can cause environmental pollution problems if not utilized. Another is that the vinegar made out of pineapple peelings is natural and less acidic than the commercially available one. Commercially available vinegar also poses a threat for osteoporosis since vinegar products sold for medicinal purposes are neither regulated nor standardized.

This study could also improve one’s health, according to the researchers, there are many medical benefits of vinegar that some do not realize. Since vinegar contains agents proven to help kill bacteria and fungus, one of the medical benefits of vinegar is it can help cure athlete’s foot and other foot fungus. Vinegar will also kill the existing bacteria and fungus. Pineapple also contains medicinal properties; it contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which helps in the digestion of protein. Pineapple can prevent blood clot formation because of its bromelain content.

This study can also help the society because of the fact that this vinegar will be cheaper but it’s as effective as the commercially available one. The production of pineapple might double if this research is successful and that would be beneficial for the economy as well. Other than that, some commercially available vinegar might be contaminated as well if it wasn’t produce properly and if misused, may cause harm to the organ system of the body.

The pineapple and vinegar are beneficial on their own, but if you combine them together it results into something natural, affordable and very efficient. It may seem that vinegar could not only be use for cooking, it could also improve the way of living a better life. Concerning the different events in the economy and in the environment, this study might eventually solve the pending crisis we might encounter at anytime. Added to that, the pineapple peeling vinegar is homemade, and the ingredients are locally available.

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