Significance of Literacy Essay

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Significance of Literacy

Good afternoon my fellow students, and to our beloved teacher, Mrs. Leny Ibon. For you, what is literacy? Is it really important in one’s life? How can it help everyone? Well these questions will be answer by this speech. So please, lend me you ears in just a few minutes. For me, literacy is all about possessing the skills of reading and writing. Reading and writing is the right of everyone. By studying, people upgrade their mind about literacy with the help of the teachers.

Reading and writing are the basic skills discussed and developed by the teachers because these are the major part in students’ life. In reading, the instructor or teachers teaches first the alphabet. They are training the children to read perfectly. In writing, the teacher train the students to write beautifully and legibly. Literacy is important in one’s life.

Because, by reading and writing you can know what is good or bad. Based on the second paragraph, literacy is the basic studies of the students. If you don’t know the basic, you can’t go to the next topic because it will cause a suffering on you in the reason of it is hard. If you know about this, you can also understand how to use languages properly.

When you’re knowledgeable, you can easily get job after you finish your studies that will lead you in a better life. It is also important in our life because if we know about literacy we will also know the right of everyone, the laws and the freedom of speech. Reading and writing can help us to get many information. As I said, if we go to school, the faculties will teach us the good manners and attitudes. After we graduate from high school and college, of course we will look for a job. When we get a job, we can moderately show our good attitudes based on what your parents and teachers teach you.

All of these starts on literacy. That’s how literacy helps everyone. As I conclude, literacy is important and it can help us everywhere and everything. For me, literacy has good effects depends on the person if he or she doesn’t think of being lazy. It also has a good effects if we’re going to use it in a right way of living. God gave us knowledge ang wisdom to live in accordance to His will.

That’s how literacy is so important. So we need to pay more attention on this matter. We also need to pursue our studies and reach our goal. Literacy is the key to our success. thanks ..

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