Significance of Literacy Essay

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Significance of Literacy

Literacy is a significant component in every person’s life. It is the necessary tool to grasp or retain useful knowledge. Incorporating literacy in our life will contribute to our overall success in academics, or careers, as well as an understanding of human kind and nature. The following essay discusses the significance of literacy by introducing the two main concepts of literacy: reading and writing. Reading is the first step and most important component in literacy.

If a person reads extensively, then he or she is more likely to attain good grades in school and have a good chance of having a rewarding career in the future. People who read are more likely to become successful in life. Reading can be very beneficial to all. Over time, people who read will develop a large vocabulary and therefore allow them to understand very complex ideas. According to Paul Shoebottom, his findings on the importance of reading indicate that: Educational researchers have also found a strong correlation between reading and vocabulary knowledge.

In other words, students who have a large vocabulary are usually good readers. This is not very surprising, since the best way to acquire a large vocabulary is to read extensively, and if you read extensively you are likely to be or become a good reader! (Shoebottom, 1996-2007, p. 1). With this advantage, one can be successful in terms of academics as well as career opportunities. The promotion of reading in a person’s life will contribute to his or her academic success and increase the chances of obtaining a rewarding career.

This is very important because without the promotion of reading there will be more illiterate people in the world, thus contributing to the social and political strain in today’s society: poverty and low-income families. Many people stress that reading is an important part of learning in life. Being able to read is the most important skill a person can have. The greatest importance of reading is being able to understand and interpret the world. According to author Murray Lunn on his comments on the advantages of reading, he stated the following: The single greatest importance of reading is the ability to understand knowledge.

With the ability to understand knowledge, the goals of life become open to all that understand what is required from them. From an early age, it’s important to begin reading. As the mind continues to grow through regular exercise through text, people begin to understand the world around them. As this capacity for knowledge grows, people are more readily able to discover and understand the world around them. (Helium, Inc, 2002-2010, p . 1). Murray Lunn has provided several interesting facts about the advantages of reading. Reading can affect a person’s ability to speak.

Furthermore, over time, a person who reads a lot will be able to speak proficiently. This is very true. For instance, by introducing reading to children at an early age will ultimately benefit the child in the future. The effects reading will have on the child are astonishing. As a result, the child will speak very clear and be able to maintain continuous and successful conversations with others. Furthermore, being able to write is a necessary tool to have because it allows us to communicate in the form of a language. It is the last step to understanding and interpreting the world.

It also prepares us for school and future careers. School and careers are the main reasons why writing is important. If we choose to be illiterate, it will contribute to the failure of our goals to complete school and find a career. Furthermore, according to WikiAnswers which is a site that posts several opinions about any subject, some perspectives on the importance of writing indicate that: Writing assists you with other language tasks as well… writing helps you learn how to form language, how to spell, and how to put together a plot. You learn how to make a logical argument, or how to persuade, mainly through writing.

Speaking can help you learn those things as well, but it is easier to self-examine and evaluate how to improve when you have something concrete in front of you, and can revise. (WikiAnswers, 2010, p. 1). There are two dimensions of writing: literacy and competence. Literacy involves the basic components in writing such as grammar, punctuation, unity, and sentence structure. Once the tool of writing has been mastered our skills of writing will enhance over time. Writing can be a life-long process unless we practice writing daily in order for improvement. Practising is the key to improving our skills of writing.

Once we have been able to identify syntaxes, fragments, incomplete sentences, and unclear ideas, we are on our way to becoming competent writers. Writing is a powerful tool to have! Competence is the other dimension of writing. It is the ability to express thoughts clearly and effectively. On occasion, we may experience a slight pause when writing which is known as the writer’s block. Do not be alarmed. This happens to several of us. We conquer writer’s block by taking breaks and relaxing our minds. There are three important concepts to the writing process: planning, organizing ideas, proofreading, and revising.

Planning to write about a particular subject or topic will allow our thoughts and ideas to be expressed on paper usually in the form of brainstorming or mind mapping (map of ideas). This will give us an idea of what we will be writing about. Another concept is the organization of ideas. Once we have organized our ideas on paper, we will have something written. This is an important component to writing because it provides us with a selection of ideas which will then form a plot. After completing a written piece, it will require some proofreading.

Proofreading improves written works by checking for grammatical errors and making sure that the work flows logically. Reading aloud helps with the proofreading process. Once that task has been finished the paper is almost completed and ready to be judged for marks whether if it is a paper submission for school, college, or university. The last concept of writing is called revising. Revision of writing enhances the paper which will result in a perfect and completed piece of work. Incorporating these concepts when we are writing will improve our writing skills and ultimately result in a wonderfully written paper.

That is why it is very good to be a skilful and knowledgeable writer. Without any writing skills or abilities, a person will be unable to communicate his or her thoughts clearly and effectively when writing, unless they are better at expressing themselves when they are speaking. If a person has never accomplished writing, then he or she will develop poor speaking skills because writing contributes to their overall speaking by learning the sounds of the alphabet and proper pronunciation of words. Therefore, writing is an important tool to have in your life.

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