Signficance Of The Study Essay

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Signficance Of The Study

Our study, which is how to make an effective Floorwax without using gas . Instead We used cooking oil (used). It has a lot of significance on life of everyone. The first one is that it helps us avoid Respiratory Diseases, how? For example You’ll use a Floorwax cleaning the floor because of the gas contained on it you may take the gas emitted by the Floorwax and it may affect your Respiratory System. Another importance of our study is it’s materials, especially the used cooking oil, because it’s already used you don’t need to buy it in the market just recycle your cooking oil and it’ll be good. Another significance of this study is observable when you apply it , Normal Floorwax was easily remove when water mixed on it , but on Our study it can’t removed easily by the water. Though Our study was just simple it has a lot of significance that may help the user with it,

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