Sigmund Freud: Human Psyche

The human psyche is one of the most mysterious phenomena that for decades has attracted the attention of society. Based on historical facts, the greatest scientists have been studying the structure of human psyche for a long period of time, however people are not able to find answers to various questions regarding own theory of personality even today.

What is the hidden meaning of dreams? How past events can affect a person’s emotional state? Why people sometimes are driven by irrational wishes and immoral urges? The psychoanalysis technique is the key to unraveling these issues.

The term psychoanalysis is also closely associated with the name of one of the most famous psychoanalyst – Sigmund Freud, a man who left a significant mark in humanity and history of the development of modern psychology.

Freud was the so-called founder and observer of psychoanalysis, concept that is significantly influenced various philosophical schools, art, literature and culture of the 20th century (Fancher, 1998).

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