Siddhartha Definition Essay

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Siddhartha Definition

Siddhartha, in the awakening, learns that the life of pleasure isn’t always the best life. In fact the life of pleasure can always bring you pain and sometimes more suffering. Siddhartha had to learn that the hard way because he felt disgusted in himself of what he had become. Just as Siddhartha was about to suicide he heard a voice. He heard the ancient holy word “Om”. Just from that word his whole life changed. Siddhartha also learned that there was more to the world then having pleasure and goods and that that the world was a beautiful piece of work. Siddhartha learned from the river who he really was and that he shouldn’t just give up because of a mistake, Siddhartha learned that he has to learn from it and take his mistake as an experience. The only way to succeed in life is to have experiences and learn from your mistakes. Although Siddhartha learned something from the river, he still needs to learn more and he does as he meets the ferry man. Siddhartha learned to love the river and treat the river with respect.

The river saved him from his death and Siddhartha shall be with the river at all times. The river taught him how to become patient again and helped him awaken from his bad period of time. The river was also Siddhartha’s turning point in because Siddhartha was about to give up and just throw away his goal but he realized his mistake and became a new Siddhartha. The river was a similar to a teacher, it taught Siddhartha more and more about the world so much that his knowledge on the world expanded even more. Siddhartha took things more serious because everything the river taught him, he didn’t judge like his old teachers, he listened and trust the river’s knowledge. Siddhartha taught me a lot of new knowledge and wisdom. Although all the chapters taught me something, the one that taught me the most was the awakening. The Awakening taught me that making a mistake is one thing, but learning from it is another thing and that it is the key to success in life.

How I learned this is that Siddhartha had to do all those things to reach Nirvana. Siddhartha also taught me that listening and patience can help you in life because if u can’t listen or be patient, then you won’t get anywhere in life. This novel taught me that you can’t learn anything, if you haven’t tried it out. Meaning if you want become good at a game, you have to try it out. Although the life of pleasure is beneficial, it’s not always the best idea because it can bring you much pain and suffering because once you lose it, you won’t be able to get it back and that you have to learn how to live without it. When Siddhartha was about to give up and die, but learned from his mistake, it inspired me because it taught me that I shouldn’t give up without a fight.

Meaning that even if times are worst, I shouldn’t give up without trying because I would never know the result if I did tried. It also inspired me because it means that I should try harder and harder in school and become successful when I grow up. Another chapter that taught me something is “The Son”. It taught me that I should act like a spoil little brat and shouldn’t disrespect my parents, because my parents have to go through a lot to keep me who I am and how I live today. Siddhartha reminds me of my dad, although he yells and put me down, he does it because he loves me and wants me to become successful. If my dad didn’t do all those things, I would become another Siddhartha Jr. but worst. This novel inspired me to read more and more novels like this, because there are always morals and lessons that are being taught throughout the story. I hope we read more novels like Siddhartha because it keeps me thinking and it keeps motivated to try harder in life and school.

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