Showing Respect Essay

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Showing Respect

As teachers, usually we have to deal with a lot of things, such as yelling in the classroom, running in the halls and the lack of respect. Nowadays, disrespect is filling our classrooms and parents do not do anything to put a stop to the situation. As teachers or human beings we do not have to confuse respect with fear, because our work is to give tools and knowledge to our students, not frighten them. Kids are not showing any type of respect to teachers. Being in front of the class to communicate with your students might be a really strong task, especially if your students do not pay any attention to you.

But, what should we do? Should we yell at them? Would that change something? Respect is not about being afraid of the teacher. Bueno (2009) once wrote “A child may obey you simply because he is afraid of you. However, when a child understands that your rules and disciplinary actions are ultimately for his own good, he will obey you because he respects you. ” It is really important for our students to understand why they should or should not do something. If the learn how to respect to others, they would be able to communicate with others throughout their lifetime.

When I was in front of the classroom, I try as hard as I could to be supportive to my students, but sometimes they think you only want to dig on their lives. Usually when kids show strange behaviours they are looking for some attention or they have trouble at their home. If the kid do not show any respect, neither would do the teacher, or at least it would be more difficult to keep calm and maintain a good environment in the classroom. Kids would make everything to make me feel powerless, defeated and everything will make me lose my mind.

So I start wondering what is going on or how they behave in their houses. The problem might be there. Schutte (2008) explained “Parents have to pick their battles. If your child wants to wear a shirt/skirt combo that makes her look like she dressed herself in a dark closet, you may ask yourself if it’s worth fighting her to get her to change her duds. On the other hand, if she wants to spend time with a boy in a dark closet, you might want to make a big deal out of that. The battles that you choose to fight will directly affect your child’s level of isbehaviour. ”

You may ask why you want to do this, but clothes are not as important as dating a boy. So, either option is just to gain attention. If we find the root of the behaviour of the students is a family problem, we, as people, have two choices, work for them or keep against them. Either kids want attention or they are having problems in their house. We, as teachers, only have one option. Help them. Every time I see a troublesome kid I get instantly attached to him or her.

I try to get close to them; to their friends and find out what can I do for them. Rich (1998) wrote” In this complex world, it takes more than a good school to educate children. And it takes more than a good home. It takes these two major educational institutions working together. ” Without the parents’ support, you will be stuck in that spot. So we have to get the family involved in the learning process to reach out the success the children may achieve. I always work for the children’s success through the respect and I really expect he same from them.

Our job as teachers is more than just give away contents. It is about giving lessons of life and spreading some values that might be helpful for them in their lifetime. That is our goal; show them they could be better. Explain them how great can they be, or how far they might go with just a little bit of work, not only with themselves, but also with their families. We just might be proud of them when we could see what they have accomplished and think that we were involved in their success.

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