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The Reality of Ethics in Truman Show

A young, simple, insurance salesman in his early thirties, Truman Burbank is completely unaware of how he’s being used. Living a seemingly real yet artificial life surrounded by people acting out their designated character shown on air to a global audience as a TV show, Truman gradually identifies reality with the help of a few… View Article

Last runway show

Some say that you are only as good as your last runway show, your last achievement. And every now and then you have to prove yourself worthy because we all have to move forward and face more challenges and obstacles in our life. It is how the way our life works, if we stop moving… View Article

Old Fashion Technology Versus Modern Day Technology

In today’s world everything is so much quicker, easier, and more convenient. When you have the technology right beneath your hands, why not take advantage of it? Even though the technology’s is much more expensive than the old fashion routine, not only is it worth it, but it’s also much more enjoyable. I prefer to… View Article