Should Zoos Be Banned

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1. Zoos have many educational benefits. – You are able to see the animals that are from foreign countries that you might not be able to travel to and even if you do get a chance to travel to those countries it is not assured to see the animals that are in the zoo. Examples of these animals are: Pandas, Penguins, Polar bears, etc. – In a zoo, you can observe how animals behave in their habitat. Although you can learn their behaviour in books and in classrooms, going to the zoo means you can witness it first-hand.

– Class excursions to the zoo, are an excellent way to help students learn more interesting facts about animals. – A report, published in the National Academy of Sciences, US, found that informal learning, such as at zoos, is a powerful tool in science education. It can be useful in triggering a passion for science in young children, making them eager to learn and better in school.

2. Zoos are tourist attractions.

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– Zoos attract tourists. There, they can see animals native to the country that may not be in their own. A simple example of this is an American visiting a zoo in Sichuan, China to see the giant pandas native to that region. – Because they attract many tourists and visitors, zoos help boost a country’s economy. A good percentage of the visitors who travel to Australia each year will visit the zoo. Australia Zoo on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is named the nation’s best tourist attraction.

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3. Zoos provide job opportunities. – A zoo would provide many job opportunities for many people. From professionals, i.e. Veterinarian, Biologist, Curators, Animal trainers, etc., to a plethora of other employees, i.e. Gift shop owners, Cleaners, Bus drivers, etc. – In this way, zoos also help contribute to the stability of our economy.

4. Zoos are better and safer environments for animals. – Zoos attempt to maintain a close-to-natural environment for animals. They have enclosures, not cages. – The homes of some of the animals have been destroyed. A zoo is then a good place for them to live in. And of the animals raised in captivity, they are well taken care of. Most enclosures are exposed to the outdoors, so they still have the taste of freedom. – Endangered animals can be reproduced in zoos to help prevent extinction. – Animals in zoos live longer and more peaceful lives than animals in the wild.

5. Zoos promote awareness of animals that face extinction. – Zoos help to promote awareness by educating people on how to protect animals that face extinction. They also help raise funds to repopulate these animals.

6. Zoos are excellent for recreational purposes. – People from urbanized areas are often alienated from nature, and have in a zoo the opportunity to relax and to enjoy a naturalistic environment in their very neighbourhood. – It is a bonding family-type activity that many people can enjoy together.

7. Zoos are a good reason for exercise. – A zoo is large in size, and often, walking a lot is inevitable if you want to see a large variety of animals. Therefore, this is a great workout than can help you keep fit.

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