Should your Employer Access your Social Media Profiles Essay

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Should your Employer Access your Social Media Profiles

Social media has many pros and cons as to why someone would and would not use social media. According to the article from occupy theory, pros and cons of social media include: Pros: meeting new friends, sharing and interacting with users sharing videos and stories of Daily lives. Social media is also a good place for marketing new businesses thus resulting in less money being spent on advertising. Social media reaches millions of people everyday across the world with just the click of a share button often sharing news, and Supporting of good causes. With the many positives that comes with the use of social media, there are also has many negative effects(cons): social media is time consuming often a distraction for more important things, there are too many social media networks; therefore you are always connects to people no matter where you are, spam and cyber bullying resulting in identifying fraud with ability to get information from users.

In molly’s defense as someone who has multiple social media accounts; I feel she is entitled to not grant her potential employer access to her Facebook account. However, as stated by Vlad Mazek( writer of looks cloudy) said “ employees should maintain two profiles. He also states that when asked for Facebook or Twitter accounts; give it to your employer, but keep the profiles clean. I do agree on the behalf of Vlad Mazek that it would be in Molly’s best interest to have two profiles; She should have a profiles for both professional and personal lifestyle’s. In the employer’s defense when asking a potential employee for social media accounts it is used as a part of their background check.

According to Bridget miller of HR DAily ADvisor; she states it is the employers responsibility to protect their employees. Employers want to know that employees brought into the workforce do not have a past that might imply any threat to both the company and employees. She also goes on to say “ employers are also looking to see if a possible employee might be a good cultural fit with the organization.” There are also laws and policies in place that protects companies in which reasoning gives employers leeway to ask for usernames and passwords to social accounts. Social media was created as a platform for users to share their world with friends and family.

Today, social media has changed in many ways from being used to share videos and pictures to now being used as a decision maker in the hiring process over the use of a resume. According to robin Olsen,( creekviking,2014) even when you think you have deleted a photo or even deactivated an account it is never really deleted as all information is stored within the creators database. Law enforcement are now even able to track people based off their internet activities. He also states that every website has a “sysadmin” or what is known as a system administrator. Robin goes on to state that there is no such as privacy nor security on the Internet even with parental control used to protect children. He suggest keeping anyone under the age of 18 off any social media sites. He also suggest when at work do not do anything from banking to social media interactions.

Many companies monitor any activity that goes on at work. In conclusion social media when seeking employment should be always kept on a professional level even adding co-workers as friends. In the professionalism and social media video it’s states that whatever you post on social media is never private. Posting things such as being out partying and cursing is demonstrating lack of professional behavior. Posting pictures of patients information or even pictures of what goes in at the workplace could lead to serious consequences including jail time , law suites, fines and provoked medical license; as these all are hippa violations.


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