Should Women Be Allowed in Combat Essay

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Should Women Be Allowed in Combat

For centuries our women have been going into combat, so how come all of a sudden the conflict on whether they should or shouldn’t has become such an uproar. When the women in tribes fought over food and men during our beginnings, those women were undoubtedly in combat. And as the centuries went on, women warriors were not considered that unusual, for example at least 400 women soldier fought in the civil war along side their male comrades, only to be know there gender once killed.

So how is it that in today’s society, we are so caught up with the though of women making their way into a male dominant world. Some say it is that women could not deal with the emotions of killing another human being, that we are not mentally strong enough to handle the conditions of a war zone, and although physically they may not be a mans equal but when shooting a gun and being shot at there is no difference. Statistics have not been able to prove that men would be better at the military jobs, but only that history shows the solitary members of the army being men.

However with modern technology warfare has greatly evolved and it relies more on So how is that our on There fore howcome, our main arugment is that “women are not strong enough to fight, women are not capable of the emotions brought through war” This helps to show that women in combat are nothing new, and it is only modern times that we have thought of women as fragile and over emotional. Real women have saved lives, gone in to space, fought wars, invented, financed and designed everything from nuclear fission to radium, and from DNA to COBOL.

Real women have overcome as many, if not more, obstacles and hardships than have men. Women pioneered, starved, reigned, battled, spied, strategized, and taught, doctored, nursed, reared families, started churches, and won political rights, yet few magazines, books, movies and television productions tell these stories. It’s not a gender thing, it’s not a sex thing, it’s not a strength thing – a highly trained, highly intelligent, strongly motivated person can do any job the military has to offer – and do it well.

After all, the Amazons didn’t cut off their breasts any more than the Legion of Thebes cut off their testicles – and both groups won battles galore! Women have been fighting for the right to be seen mentally and physically equal to the men in the Military, however how can they be seen as equal when the basic physical test has been altered so there is a chance for some women to be accepted in. Women on average only have 60% of the physical strength of men, and when put to the test the top 20% of women equaled to the bottom 20% of men.

Men are taught to honor and protect women, boys are taught not to hits girls. I think this makes good sense and is an essential element of our civilization. Sending women into combat utter destroys those values and morals. Women are not suited by temperament or by physical characteristics for the highly aggressive, ultra-violent pursuit of victory in battle. Much of an army’s success depends upon intimidation of the enemy. A force composed of women is far less intimidating than one consisting of macho men.

Intimidation of the enemy saves lives in wartime. Already, the side effects of abandoning traditional female sterotypes – likes the notiona that giels are extremely sensitive or have a unique role in nurturing an protecting children are apparent however girls are increasing becoming more in touch with their aggreseive instincest, leading to more girl on girl physical violence. Women should have every right to serve the country, however I do feel that service should stop when it come to front line battle.

And those determined to make it to the front line should have to meet the exact same physical and mental critera of those as men. Australia is so terrified of being accused for sexism that we refuse to acknowledge that most of us shudder to the idea and thought of women being sent of to war. If a draft was reinstated, the women who have so called fought to show how men and women can be equal have now placed every other women in a position they were not fighting for.

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