Should Universities Require Students to Learn Many Subjects Essay

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Should Universities Require Students to Learn Many Subjects

Some people argue for a broad university education in which students learn about many different subjects. Others argue for a specialized university education in which students learn only about a specific field of study. Which position do you agree with? Universities offer different kinds of classes. You can be offered to study many different courses or on the other hand to specialize in one subject. I think the second option is the best as you concentrate on the field you are interested in, which is the important thing in studies. At first sight, having to attend to different classes with different subjects looks to be a good idea.

You never know too much and getting further knowledge cannot arm. Also, being able to study in different fields is more entertaining than focus on one subject. For example, if you take a mathematic course, even if you are very interested in the subject, it is relaxing to have once a week the occasion to take you mind off it, and learn about history or psychology. On the other hand, people attending university classes already have a degree, for instance the A-Levels in England or a Baccalaureate in France. Up to this diploma, you usually have been required to study various subjects.

Schools will not focus on one topic, but will provide a vast range of courses such as mathematics, literature or history. I believe that it is a good thing to get students to learn a bit about everything, as it is part of their education and general knowledge, but there comes a stage when teenagers have made up their minds about what they are interested in. University is not compulsory and from the moment you decide to pursue your studies, you have chosen to specialize in one subject. You already have a lot to learn without being compelled to study other subjects that do not interest you more than that.

For instance, I am on a civil engineering course and have been required to take statistics last year. This course has indeed nothing to do with my formation and I was very upset by the fact that I still could not choose what I wanted to study after 4 years in university. I understand that up to a certain age, you have to require students to take classes in various subjects, but comes a time when you are not only unwilling or not interested in a topic, but really fed up with being dictated what you have to learn, especially when you have to pay fees for your university.

As a conclusion, I would like to emphasize the fact that you should be able to specialize on a subject when you attend higher education courses, given that you already have the general knowledge that the educational system aims to provide to every student. At the end of the day, grown up students are able to decide if and what they want to learn and should be free to choose their classes.

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