Should Teen Curfew Be Implemented in the Neighborhood?

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Should our teens have a teen curfew implemented in our neighborhood? What is there to do so late at night? That’s what many parents ask their children. But The answer they get out of their kids is usually the biggest lie ever. “Imposing a curfew to Keep our teenagers off the streets at night isn’t the answer. Curfews are an impractical Solution to a serious problem”, says Bob Harkins of the Teenage Review. Today’s kids Aren’t likely to listen to these laws anyway.

In order for a curfew to work parents would Have to implement it.

Today’s police officers are to busy and the lack the numbers to Baby-sit our countries children. Plus, in order for this to work you would need the parents Support, and many parents either don’t know about the curfew or just simply don’t care. But on the other hand, many people agree that a curfew would work our neighborhoods Problems.

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“If you chase people off the streets and lock them in their doors, there Behavior is bound to change”, says Time Magazine.

The one main conflict will be is the people really going to listen to these rules If change is applied. Rules are made to be broken is the way many teenagers live today. Many parents would love this idea but then you have the kids who totally disagree with the idea and want to be free. This would also cut into people’s civil rights as a citizen of the United States.

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But no matter what people say it is impossible to please everyone and kids and parents are going to have different views about the whole thing.

All in all, I believe that giving a universal curfew is very foolish. My reasoning behind this is the fact that having other people parent your children isn’t right. The other people being the police officers have better thing to worry about like murders and violence, not making sure little tommy is in bed by twelve o’clock. Curfews should be the responsibility of the parents and what they feel is right for their child. The reasoning for this is that certain children would ruin it for others. What I mean by this is that parents know what their child is like and whether he is responsible enough to take care of himself late at night. That’s were there should be a certain sense of security. In saying that I mean that if something happens to you, your parents should be the first ones to know about it, a simple call can make all the difference. Basically, the way to a later curfew is just the simple matter of trust.

After researching this topic, I don’t doubt that if extreme measures are taken the crime will go down. And I don’t doubt that success in one area will lead to efforts in other areas. I do have doubts though about this country trying to end the constant war between parents and children with the cops, sirens, fines, and jails. Leave this one up to the parents and let them take it on the chin if their kid screws up.

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