Should Teachers Be Able to Remove Disruptive Students from Classroom Essay

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Should Teachers Be Able to Remove Disruptive Students from Classroom

Within a democracy everyone has rights; however those rights end when they are used to abuse or hinder the rights of another person within that democracy. For instance everyone has the right to entertain themselves with a listening device on the train, yet they are asked by transit authorities to use headphones so that their right to entertainment does not violate the other passengers right to peaceful, quiet commute. It is a teacher’s duty to ensure that students understand these social skills that are required of them in this democratic society.

So although removing a disruptive student from a classroom is sometimes viewed as the neglecting and the rejecting of that particular student it is very often the beginning of that student’s long road to having some very complex issues resolved. As was stated in one of the previous chapter, aggression and excessively disorderly conduct is more often than not the manifestation of some very serious emotional grievances. It can also be sign that the child is suffering from an undiagnosed disorder.

Although the latter is less likely to be the case it should not be ruled out. Sometimes due to a lack of knowledge about a particular disorder can cause parents to overlook certain characteristics of a condition that their children may be exhibiting. In other cases it is the parents’ unwillingness to accept the facts that are presented to them concerning their child that prevents them from seeking help for their child. This unwillingness might be due to a variety of emotions including fear and denial.

Whatever the case may be these children continue to battle with these disorders and completely exhaust the efforts of those that are forced to share a classroom with them since there are almost always in need of much more than the classroom setting can offer them. Sadly, identifying underlying emotional problems can be a little more complex but the cooperation of the parents is also needed in this area. In cases where the parent is not able to or is not willing to cooperate with a teacher who is trying to encourage a child to exhibit more sociable behavior the teacher is left with very few options.

For if that parent is not even willing to acknowledge that the behavior of his or her child is out of control, there will be attempt to try and discover what the source of the behavior might be. Again the removal of that student from the classroom may encourage the parent to evaluate the seriousness of the situation and this resulting communication might bring both the teacher and the parent one step closer to uncovering problem which is what the main focus should always be.

Those who oppose giving this authority to teachers expect them to prepare lesson plans that will create and maintain a positive learning environment for the entire class, make sure that students are prepared to take the ever increasing state mandated test, and still be able to constantly council and pacify students who have decided to constantly disrupt the class; all within the allotted six to seven hour day, which is farther broken down into forty five minute periods for each class.

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