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Should Social Climbers Be Frowned Upon Essay

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Gold diggers have been around since the beginning of time. There is the misconception that only women can be gold diggers, but this is one hundred percent untrue. They come in all different types, gender, races, ages, etc. Most people look down on the thought of gold diggers, but some people disagree. There are valid points to both sides of the argument. Obviously, there is not a definite right or wrong answer.

I believe gold diggers should not be looked down on because in an relationship everyone has their own personal reason why he/she is initially attracted to his/her significant other; whether it is for money, fame, looks, personality, etc.

In the book, “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, main character Janie Starks experiences the topic of social climbers. She is raised to be with a man by determining what he has to offer her financially by her Nanny. She also experiences the other side of gold digging where there are rumors her lover is only with her because of her financial stability.

When she was younger her grandmother married her to a man by the name of Logan Killicks because of his wealth. He owned sixty acres of land, which to her grandmother was enough to marry her granddaughter. Killicks knew exactly why Janie was marrying him. He knew she did not love him, but he could give her the financial stability that was important to her. I think as long as he knew what her intent was there is no reason to look down upon her for seeking him for his finacial stability. He was obviously interested in marrying her for her good looks. He did not love her either.

So in my opinion, neither one if them, Janie or Logan, was wrong for their intial reason of interest in one another. Neither one of them lied to each other. In a relationship the most important part is communicating and being honest with one another. Janie and Logan did just that. While talking to Logan about their relationship, Logan responds to her by saying, “I have sixty acres of land and when I pass it will be handed down to you. ” Logan is obviously implying that he knows what she looks forward to get out of their relationship, the apparent luxury of owning sixty acres of land.

He was no more guilty of being a gold digger than she was as well. He did not know her before marrying her and he still continued to make the commitment of being with her for “until death did them part” indicating he was only interested in her from what he saw, which was her lighter skin, long hair, and slender form, all things that made a woman beautiful to him. Many people would disagree with me by saying in an relationship one should only look to his/her significant other for personality, but this is unrealistic. Along with looks and money people are attracted to one another based on status as well.

In many instances people date others solely because their personal status in life. For instance, famous people usually get extra attention from others because they are famous. This is why most rappers have a large number of people with them. These rappers know all those people are hanging with them because who they are. The benefits they receive for just being friends with the superstar are far more luxurious than if they were not with their superstar friend and were solo. In “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, Janie ran off with a man named Joe Starks.

She eventually fell in love with Joe Starks. But I believe it wasn’t just because his personality. He had the status of the Mayor of Eatonville who was smart, popular, successful, and wealthy. She liked having the status of “the mayor’s wife”. It gave her popularity around town. As their relationship progressed Joe became more abusive, rude, and careless to Janie. She still stood by his side though. I believe the only reason Janie did stay with Joe was because of the luxurious life of a first lady of Eatonville she withheld.

She obviously had no interest in Joe because while he was on his death bed she stated, “we’ve been married for twenty years and you still don’t know who I am….. you have to die with me being obedient instead of me loving you”. This shows she just dealt with Joe until he died because she had to. She did not approve of the way he treated her, but never stated her true feeling until Joe was about to die because by that time he couldn’t do anything harmful to her (because of his sickness).

Again, many people would disagree with the fact that Janie only stayed with Joe because of his status, but I believe there isn’t a problem in her doing so. In a relationship sometimes you must deal with the negative of your significant other in order to keep your relationship in good standings. Janie did exactly that. He was a foolish person to her and to cope with his inconsequential ways she compensated his behavior with the status he gave her. She dealt with Joe the only way she could. Sometimes you have to do something others may see as negative to keep a positive outlook on life.

I think this requires an extreme amount of courage to do. Although, it looks as if Janie only went for men for things other than personality, but she did date for personality as well. When she met Tea Cake, a young, handsome, outgoing man she fell in love automatically because of his spunky personality. He did not have much money or a good status, but his personality took the place of both. He was something she did never experienced. Many would argue that this is what a relationship should be determined by, but I would argue that is untrue for everyone.

It should be a personal preference. Of course, those who disagree with me will argue personality is the only thing people should look into a relationship for because it lasts forever, money and status doesn’t. But I disagree just as much as money and status fades away people change. I feel it should be a personal option what one looks to another for. No matter what option a person picks, they should not be looked down upon. The important thing is the significant other knows why their partner is with them. If it is a secret, then there is a problem.

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