Should Schools Start Later Essay

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Should Schools Start Later

Do you hate waking up early in the morning to go to school? I know I do. Especially on cold mornings when all you want to do is stay in your warm and cozy bed. However, schools’ schedules force us to wake up really early and be prepared to learn. Most students regularly wake up at around 6:00 a.m. or earlier!

How do schools expect us to be alert and ready to learn in the morning while most of us are still half asleep?! When I go in my 1st class of the day the majority of the students are with their heads down, yawning, daydreaming, or complaining about how they are sleepy. Also, when the teacher is trying to teach their lessons most kids aren’t paying attention or look lost and I don’t blame them because it’s really difficult trying to figure out an algebra problem or any other problem when all your thinking about is going back to sleep. If teens were to wake up late for school they would be more concentrated on subjects and learn more. As a result, we would get better grades and be more successful.

Teens get a large amount of homework that some end up going to sleep at around 12 a.m. or 1 a.m. Teens need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. So some teens don’t get the right amount of sleep. Some people say that they are preparing us, teenagers, for work situations by setting a schedule similar to a usual work day. But I don’t think this is fair because kids need more sleep than adults.

School should start late so that we have more time to do things and get ready. For example, girls like to look really nice and pretty, some put on make-up and do fancy things to their hair so therefore they need more time. Many students also need more time in order for them to take showers in the morning. A lot of kids don’t eat breakfast so if we entered late we would have time to eat breakfast at our homes. Therefore, our brains and body would be more active and our stomachs satisfied. Entering school late also gives us an opportunity to finish any homework we missed. I strongly suggest that schools change their schedule for the sake of the students.

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