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Should Schools Have Laptops or Books? Essay

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I think Schools should have Laptops or Tablet Devices, because children get back problems because of heavy books. Trees are being cut down to make workbooks and textbooks for your school. There are laptops that weigh two pounds. This will help us from having backaches. Laptops and Tablets are expensive. The price of one laptop compared to the price of a lot of textbooks is less on the School District’s wallet. The District should stop being cheap and help us to stop having backaches.

Textbooks cost a hundred dollars or more, but the information is boring and old and schools have to put up more cash to purchase more boring textbooks. With Laptops or Tablets, We would be able to edit and update information more easily on electronic copies.

Teachers would be able to select pages of workbooks to use online, instead of buying workbooks that we only use half of the year. It would be easier on the school’s budget, but it would also be easy on the environment.

Alot trees are chopped down every year to make textbooks in the U.S. by itself. Trees everywhere are chopped down every year for paper, notebooks, and workbooks. The heavy, lagging weight of a backpack often causes long-term health issues and back pain for students. Asides from notebooks and binders, students also have to carry pencils, pens, and spare paper. And let’s not forget that many students bring lunch from home.

The weight all adds up. The average high school student’s backpack weights between ten and twenty-five pounds, while the average laptop weights between three and eight pounds. A study conducted by Brandon Macias of UCSD’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery concluded that students often carry backpack loads of twenty-two percent of their body weight when it is only recommended to carry fifteen at most. Occupational and environmental health expert Kevin Slates says that “A load of books or materials distributed improperly or unevenly, day after day, is indeed going to cause stress to a growing spinal column and back.”

Furthermore, having a single laptop is far more convenient compared to having multiple notebooks and binders. If students do all their homework assignments on the laptop, then there will be no more “I forgot it at home” excuses, unless they forget to bring their laptop-and why would they forget to bring it if it was one of the only things they’d need to bring? It is also easier and faster to search up knowledge on laptops than in textbooks. On laptops, you can highlight and annotate important textual

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