Should School Be Longer Essay

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Should School Be Longer

Should school hours be set a little longer than it’s current schedule? Should Students be sent to school all year around , with more frequent breaks in-between? Should we just stick it out and not tamper with school schedules as they our ? Take a moment to read over these persuasive point of views to better lead you towards your decision.

So should the school year be longer for students attending grades k-12? Students attending the high schools have a different opinion than those attending elementary & middle schools. ” Making the school year longer would be great ” say the the students attending high school. we’d graduate faster , we would no longer have to wear ourselves out for a whole school year, as opposed to more frequent breaks in between a longer school year.

Some of the teachers would agree that this may also be a wise decision because it could prevent “summer amnesia”. Summer amnesia is the idea that once students leave school for a long period of time ( summer) . They tend to forget most of the material they learned throughout the semester.

Though this idea of a longer school year attracts the mind sets of high school students. Grades eighth an under say they’d rather deal with the long school year , as long as their able to enjoy the big break at the end. Summer vacation seem most important to elementary & middle school students because, they don’t see any positives to being strip away from their relaxing vacation during the lengthy summer.

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