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Should Prostitution Be Legalized in China Essay

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There is a heated discussion about whether China should legalize prostitution or not. There is no more controversial issue than this. It has its own merits and demerits. However, I give my vote to agreement. At the very first, allow me to make a definition about prostitution. Prostitution is the business or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment and exists in a diverse range of the world. Based on the reality,there are countless poor women, who come from small villages and have not been educated, doing some jobs such as attendants, still are not able to afford their whole family or themselves.

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The government cannot just ignore the huge number of women. They have to offer the work chance to the women only that these women can keep them living. If China legalized prostitution, these women would get high-pay jobs to relieve their financial burden. As they are adults, they have the ability to choose if they should do. What’s more, becoming a industry is an irresistible trend of legalizing prostitution. It will give rise to, to some extent, increasing the tax taking so that it can promote the prosperity of our society. Then the government will have more power to change our country.

Secondly, it is undeniable that there is a variety of illegal prostitution in China. It contributes to sex disease and violence. If prostitution were legalized, the government can govern the industry so that the customers and the workers can be prevented from disease and violence. However, it is impossible that every boss of prostitution wants to be controlled by the government. It will result in two different parts of prostitution legal side and illegal side. There will be a fierce competition between two parts. Admittedly, the legal side will win because of formalization, for instance, the Red-light District in Holland Amsterdam.

The last but not the least, in other words, prostitution is a kind of entertainment. But always taking part in this entertainment is detrimental to human’ s bodies. Thus, the government should legalize the prostitution but legalize only on certain parts of China and make an age limitation. It is human nature that every ordinary person has human desire to have sex. The adults have the judgment to choose whether go or not. If he is a single person, he can meet the need of desire and relieve his stress.

If he has a family and loves his family, he will not take part n this entertainment for he has the responsibility to keep his family harmony. Thereby, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. On the other hand, an authorized article Prostitution should never be legalized provided four points, which I was appalled during my reading, and none of which can hold the water in a civilized, tolerant and caring country.

1. The author stressed on that prostitution is against human rights. It is reasonable for criminal who either seduce or force people to be in their service, but in what universe does people trading with their own bodies, if or not out of their own will a violation of human rights. Wait a minute, what about other jobs? We don’t do business with what in our mind, the intelligence, what in our body, the strength and labor? They “violate other people’s human right”, in what way? Who are we talking about, rapists?

2. The author believes that legalizing prostitution will compromise women’s social status and their dignity. The partiality expressed in the article is self-evidenced. Many of those poor women or girls who are dragged or forced into the business will disgrace women’s name. However, that’s fine with all the male-prostitutes, that’s nothing related to those man who come on to them! Women’s social position and dignity can never be obtained or promoted by one certain group; neither can they be dragged down by one. Those are even if not victims of society but the victims of disease, violence and torture, and now we are pretending they are what darken our doors?

3. It is believed in the article that the function of law is for national security and the harmonious society (also “stability of marriage and family” Yes, like people won’t do it if it’s not legalized). Why a harmonious society would make people unbutton their clothes for food of tomorrow, for children in need of tuition, for parents far away in the fields waiting for rain?

4. “Prostitutes make no economic contribution” is ridiculous if not snobbery. Isn’t it why it needs to be legalized? So that taxation can be drawn, and regulation implemented, people who engage in it watched, supervised and guided, health problems largely solved, most important of all, the need for prostitution properly met? What stands in the way of facing the real reason of prostitution’s existence, what the Government encourages, the monogamy, the stability of society, the economic income, or the traditional morality? May I ask, in what country where prostitution is legalized or non-criminal, the government encourages girls and boys to do the sex trade or the disturbance of social stability? If the authorities still refuse to see what nature is behind the human-history-long traditional professional, and how to better let out natural needs properly, they will come back with greater number, desperate revenge and irrevocable influence.

The legalization of it does not say the government is irresponsible but shows a courageous and respectable one. No one on the earth is in the position of encouraging it. Those who seduce and force others should be punished severely with reinforced laws. Girls and boys under their consent age need to be taken back for psychological guidance and education. On the one hand the society and authorities need to focus on eradicating reasons that substantially make them come out, poverty, ignorance and violence and tackle them with its due weight.

On the other hand, those who have entered it irrespective of whether they are unwilling or with choice need guidance and protection against diseases, violence and torture before it is too late. In sum, as far as I am concerned, formalizing prostitution not only offers more job opportunities and satisfies human desire safely, but also guarantees the stability and prosperity of our society. However, prostitution, to some extent, is harmful to our bodies, therefore we also learn how to control ourselves sometimes. Above all, legalizing prostitution benefits our society.

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