Should Prostitution Be Legal?

I would have to admit that I have never given this topic much importance. In fact, at the starting of this paper, I was not sure how I felt about the topic, other than the typical argument of not doing things were they are “immoral”. After much reading and research, I believe that it should be legalized. Why not? In sexual reproduction species, sex, for obvious reason is one of the strongest and more ubiquitous desires. Human beings are no exception! In every modern society, people give money or other valuable items in exchange of things they want and cannot obtain otherwise.

For various reasons, many people cannot get sex, or enough, or the type they want, freely. As long as of these conditions exists, the demand for sex will not stop.

After all, I do not believe it is an irrational choice to make prostitution legal. Some people dedicated to sex work believe that their profession involves more skill and even a more human touch than other alternative jobs they could access.

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They take pride in their ability to give not only physical pleasure, but also emotional support, to people in need who cannot obtain sex in any other way. Furthermore, the illegality also makes it harder to avoid being exploited. You cannot sue a ‘John’ for not paying you, or for beating you or sneakily giving you AIDS or something, because your employment contract is not legally enforceable, and you would have to admit you were participating in an illegal act.

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You cannot sue a pimp for withholding earnings or appeal to the government to protect your right to leave an industry you were not allowed to be in in the first place. By making prostitution illegal, we are encouraging the abuse of those women desperate enough to do it.


Anyone who cares about the health and safety, not to mention the rights of the people involved in such work, should support the initiatives aimed towards full legalization or decriminalization of prostitution. Countries like the U.S. that criminalize the sex industry should really analyze the damage caused by these laws. The legal market is so much less exploitative than the illegal one, and it has the added benefit of not excluding better-off women who just prefer prostitution to being a secretary or a Walmart manager or whatever else they were doing. Ultimately, even without counting the potential good the economic growth and tax revenue would do, legalizing prostitution is the right utilitarian decision. Unfortunately, the U.S is not ready and perhaps will never be ready move forward in legalizing prostitution.

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