Should marijuana be legalized? Essay

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Should marijuana be legalized?

Marijuana should be legal because it can lower the crime of drug dealing and gang fighting. To legalize marijuana can stop people going to black market and touch other more dangerous drugs. For these unstoppable issues, we can only use a mild way to reinforce the management, so that we can get over twenty billion dollars back every year, which is lost in black market. After marijuana being legalized, the price will go down, and there are no huge profits any more, it will reduce crime rates and other social problems. Marijuana can also create more jobs and help the economy growing, and decrease illegal immigrants from those drug countries.

Two Books:

Hellenga, Linda. 1978. Legalize marijuana: pro & con. Cincinnati: Pamphlet Publications Pamphlet Publications. This book talks about the good side and bad side of legalizing marijuana. The author gives us economic reasons, social reasons, and moral reasons.

Williams, Mary. 2003. Marijuana. San Diego [Calif.]: Greenhaven Press. Authors present various opinions on the effects of marijuana and discuss the controversies surrounding marijuana covering such topics as its medical use, effects, and if it should be legalized.

One Internet Source:

“Marijuana Legalization Organization.” This internet source supports the marijuana legalization, and all the web pages show people why marijuana should be legalized.

Two Reference Sources:

Pediatrics. 113:6 e632-e638. 2004. Legalization of Marijuana: Potential Impact on Youth. This source talks about what will influence the youth if Marijuana will be legalized.

Michael R. Caputo, Brian J. Ostrom. DOI: 10.1111/j.1536-7150.1994.tb02619.x. 3 JUL 2006. Potential Tax Revenue from a Regulated Marijuana Market A Meaningful Revenue Source. Dissatisfaction with current drug policy measures has led to a push for the regulation of drugs, especially marijuana. On the premise that such regulation is a real possibility, estimates of potential tax revenue from a regulation scheme and critical comments on other estimates of the size of the marijuana market are presented. For 1991, potential tax revenue is estimated to range from 2.55 to 9.09 billion dollars. The uncertainty surrounding the price elasticity of demand for marijuana, home cultivation of marijuana by individual users, and the extent to which purchases may still be made from the black market are discussed, as are their implications for potential tax revenue.

One Scholarly Journal Article:

2009. “The Advantages of Legalizing Marijuana.” This article talks about the benefits of legalizing marijuana.

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