Should Gun Control Be Enforced More Strictly? Essay

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Should Gun Control Be Enforced More Strictly?

1. Introduction
As of today we know that “Gun control” is a very popular demand here in the United States of America. Enforcing our gun laws here in the USA are sort of complicated for public authorities to handle. Why do we have guns on the streets? Is it because people are irresponsible for their owned weapon? Or maybe it is just easier for a person to get a gun anywhere faster than I can buy one from a different state the correct way. Why should this be possible? When will there be a time we could change this? After reviewing statics of how fast people can receive a gun, I’ve figured out that a person with a gun is more likely to commit a crime than a real criminal. So is this a reason to discuss why we should enforce gun laws more strictly? Yes, and it is a major priority and we need it handled.

2. Your first argument.
Our community is outweighed with these high powered weapons that beat our police. What are we suppose to do, not say anything? “Mayor Nutter says there’s no reason whatsoever that a civilian needs a military-style assault weapon”. There is way too much violence with guns today. I feel as though the law enforcement official has to put a stop to this gun violence, and soon make a change. Why should we have gun control laws if they would not be able to be enforced correctly by the proper authority? Of course if they are enforced a little more strictly people would understand that they have to give up. Only problem with our economy is, “A criminal can get an illegal gun faster than I can go buy one from another state”. I do not think that should be possible under any circumstances. This is the world we live in and I believe it is very unacceptable.

3. Your second argument.
Gun laws should be more strictly enforced because of the mass shootings we have recently had. We have kids shooting themselves with their parents weapons, school are be invaded, or people are holding very dangerous weapons in their home for example (butch masters, rocket launchers, etc). Our victim rates are arising tremendously. Our mayor is speaking about these topics everyday on our news channels explaining we have to put a stop to this and I honestly agree. Our children are being traumatized and victimized as well as our elderly. No one is meaning to take guns away from those who protect their home. We are just trying to get high power guns off the street. Our law enforcement protectors can’t fight against guns that shoot missals, and thirty to fifty bullets at a time. When will it all end is our last response.

4. Your third argument.
So far, statistics show 24 murders in the year of 2013. That is our century today. According to the FBI statistics in 2012 our murder rate was at -1.7%, robbery was at +2.0%, forcible rape was at -1.4%, aggravated assault was at +2.3%, and so forth. Our reasons for enforcing gun laws more strictly are clearly known. We recently had a tragic mass shooting in Connecticut, at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Twenty-six people, elementary students and teachers were shot dead in this shooting. Teachers lost their life trying to save students. Is this the things we should have to deal with because there are multiple high power weapons on the streets? Should there be an actual time we end this mad massacre? Yes, there should be a time and that time is now.

5. Your forth argument.
My personal and humble opinion is to side with enforcing the gun laws more strictly. There is way too much killing and shootings happening today. Why should my son have to grow up viewing this type of stuff on news and television sets? I do not like this type of environment and I am sure rightful gun owners do not agree to it also. We should not have to adjust to the things that criminals do on a daily basis because police cannot enforce their policy more severely. We should have a right to bear arms as appose to our second amendment. Not saying we should purchase heavy fire power, but at least to protect our homes.

6. Your first opposing point of view:
There’s a reason our founding fathers advocated the right to bear arms, and it’s not just for hunting or defense against intruders… it’s so we the people can overturn our government if ever plagued by tyranny. If we outlaw semi-automatic weapons, what will we have to defend ourselves with when Obama really comes-a-knocking? Sticks? Stones? Flintlock pistols? This isn’t the 1770’s anymore, and this push for gun control is really frightening. Our Nation is founded upon unalienable rights. We are a Republic which means no government entity, group, or individual may lawfully usurp those Rights. Our Nation, this Republic stands only because of these Rights. Once these Rights are diminished or eliminated so goes our freedoms and liberties and the Nation to follow. Furthermore, every Executive order and every proposed ban and regulation would not have stopped Lanza from killing those children.

7. Your second opposing point of view:
It is said that gun violence in the United States is a problem, but drastic new gun control legislation is hardly the answer. New legislation will only serve to endanger the essential liberty guaranteed by the Second Amendment. This Amendment is inextricably linked to the maintenance of individual liberty in the United States. “Nicolo Machiavelli” said, “There were five reasons why it was absolutely essential for individuals to enjoy a right to keep and bear arms: to protect one’s self, to keep rulers honest, to hunt, to defend the state against foreign invasion and to maintain one’s republican character.”

How could any liberty be more vital than the Second Amendment? It makes every other civil liberty Americans enjoy possible. If not for a citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, they would be at the mercy of their own government; their rights existing only at their government’s pleasure. What happened when we take guns from law-abiding citizens? If you remove guns from the hands of law-abiding honest citizens, then they will either be forced to become criminals by not surrendering their protection, or become defenseless in the face of the lawless among us. We have to be defensive to all crime population and make sure we can remove as many weapons as possible so that you they can only be used for protection.

8. The conclusion
Should gun laws be enforced more strictly? Yes they should. We have way too much violence. Our kids are being killed. Our homes are being invaded. Our rights are being violated. Why should our government not make a stand and enforce the law that needs to be enforced? Which they could they just have to pick a day. Today would be a great time to start!

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