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Should Foxhunting Be Banned? Essay

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Throughout the past few weeks and months, the issue of foxhunting has been brought back to light, resulting in a free vote for MP’s to put forward their views on whether this sport should be made illegal or not. For this reason I have compiled a full report, hopefully containing all the points and opinions from either side that you will need to consider in a vote on this issue.

I will begin by putting forward the arguments against a ban on foxhunting. Firstly, it has been called “The Sport of Kings” and is a tradition for people growing up in rural areas of the United Kingdom. Hunters claim that they see hunting as nothing but a sport and if this is the case, should a sport be banned? According to the Countryside Alliance there are around 15 000 jobs in foxhunting, 910 of those in kennels. It is also claimed that the activity generates around �243m worth of trade. The main arguments made by pro-foxhunters are those made above- that many jobs could be lost and millions of pounds worth of trade lost too.

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The final point made by the supporters of foxhunting concerns the humanity. As they see it, there is no reason to ban hunting, it is as humane a way of killing a fox as any other and is a totally natural and effective way of controlling this species. Hunters claim to not be interested in the killing of the animal, or seeing its blood, it’s the chase they enjoy.

I will now outline the main arguments made by protesters calling for a ban on foxhunting. It is believed by many that foxhunting is a disgusting, violent and barbaric activity, and it is widely believed that this kind of sport is not acceptable in this day and age. It is described as a “blood sport” and other sports falling in this category, including cock fighting and bear baiting, have been banned. So why, anti-foxhunters ask, has foxhunting not gone the same way?

And furthermore, it is considered primitive and perverse for a human to get a thrill from terrifying an animal and truly disgusting to enjoy the killing.

Answering one of the main arguments against a ban on foxhunting, it has been proven that hunting does not aid countryside management. As NFU figures prove, fewer than one in 200 lambs are killed by foxes the main killers being hypothermia, malnutrition and disease.

Finally, if, as foxhunters claim, it is the chase they enjoy and not the kill, there is an alternative- Drag hunting. T his involves a piece of cloth and fake scent and so a chase still occurs, but there is no killing or cruelty to any animal. This is considered a much more humane way of enjoying a hunt, and would stop a widespread loss of jobs as similar equipment would be needed for both hunts.

To conclude, I have put forward the views of people both for and against a ban on foxhunting. Viewing all the facts and opinions it would seem that there are more, and stronger, arguments in favour of a ban on foxhunting. You may also want to consider that most people in Britain, excluding in rural areas, would want a ban on foxhunting. Therefore it may be in your interests to vote this way, winning over your constituents.

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