Should Euthanasia Be Legalized or Not

Do you believe euthanasia should be legalized to end suffering? The conversation of making euthanasia legal everywhere has become more popular and well known to many parts of the world. Many people affirm in legalizing euthanasia so that no patient would die with pain and their dignity can remain intact while they are dying. Around 2,813,503 patients in the U.S died in 2017 and the death rate continues to increase and most of them suffered even though euthanasia could have prevented it ( Nichols, Hannah.

‘The Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the United States.’ Medical News Today. MediLexicon International, 04 July 2019.)  Although, others believe euthanasia is morally wrong, euthanasia should be legalized because it would end endless pain that patients endure while dying because of termally ill sickness and it would give them hope that they would not be seen as less than others.

Euthanasia should be practiced in at least half of the world to decrease pain of the people in hospitals dealing with a sickness that leads to death.

People want to be able to pass away peacefully without being told what to do in their last days. Many people might think that the patient that wants to receive euthanasia is being selfish but they do not know how much pain they are in because they try to hide their emotion while they are spending time with their family. According to a Canadian study, people prefer to die with dignity because they fear future suffering and have loss of control and independence.

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( Schüklenk, Udo, et al. “End-of-Life Decision-Making in Canada: the Report by the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel qtd) I agree with the study because it shows how a person can change while they are suffering. Everyone has the right of freedom of choice so in that case,the patient should decide if he or she wants to receive euthanasia.

Although, euthanasia should be practiced, it should only be given to a patient who is agonizing of all the pain that its disease is causing them to suffer. Many patients want to receive euthanasia because they have an illness that has no cure or they are already in their last stages of life. According to a graph, 64% is cancer-related, 16% is circulatory/ respiratory system problems, and 11% is neurodegenerative ( Graph image) The average of the patients that receive euthanasia is 75 (Simons, Marlise. ‘Dutch Survey Casts New Light On Patients Who Choose to Die.’ The New York Times. The New York Times, 11 Sept. 1991. Web. 09 Mar. 2020.),which means that most of those that want euthanasia are adults because they have already lived for a long time. I agree with what was said because when people get older their immune system becomes weaker than when they were younger. Each person has a different immune system and each body reacts to an illness differently. They are many cases where euthanasia has helped a family feel relieved of everything that happened to them. Many families do not like to see a family member of theirs agonizing in pain and crying in pain, knowing that there’s no cure and cannot do anything for them but just to be there by their side to support them.

There’s a case where a woman named Sue Rodriguez she had a disease called Gehrig’s which had no cure (Euthanasia, Right to Die: Cases. N.p., n.d ). Gehrig’s disease is a disease that causes the neurons of a person to die which controls the voluntary muscles. The doctor informed her that her muscles would begin to waste away and when that happened, she would be fully alive and she would choke to death. She begged the court to allow her to receive euthanasia, the court did not accept in legalizing euthanasia. Although the court did not allow it, there was a doctor that understood her pain and decided to break the law by assisting her with euthanasia. Without the doctor she would suffer for a plethora of months but the doctor saved her from that, she ended up dying in peace. They are many that are not as fortunate as Sue to receive euthanasia and end up passing away with so much pain.

Grief is a hard and unpleasant feeling to have, it mixes all your emotions and causes you to act differently. Grief is when you have deep sorrow and it’s especially when a loved one or someone you knew passed away. Family members should not go through all that pain and know that they could have done something to prevent their loved one from dying without their wishes. Families that had family members receive euthanasia had less traumatic grief symptoms, less post-traumatic stress reaction and they know how to cope better with the loss of their loved one (Swarte, Nikkie B, Marije L Van Der Lee, Johanna G Van Der Bom, Jan Van Den Bout, and A Peter M Heintz. ‘Effects of Euthanasia on the Bereaved Family and Friends: A Cross Sectional Study.’ BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.). BMJ Publishing Group Ltd., 26 July 2003.).Those families didn’t have trouble in their grief because they knew that their loved one was not going to be dying in pain and they also knew that they passed away knowing that it was their wish to die without pain. Providing euthansia in all the hospitals will alleviate most of the grief in the world because they would know in their hearts that it was the best choice for them.

Euthanasia has become more popular and well known in many places although it is not being practiced as much as it should. Euthansia has become more common around the world although it’s not legal in many places. In a published paper it mentioned that 0.3% to 4.6 % of all deaths were reported as euthanasia being received by the patient.(Ordway, Denise-Marie. ‘Physician-assisted Suicide: Resources for Journalists.’ Journalist’s Resource. N.p., 24 Oct. 2017.) If you enter a hospital and ask if they practice euthanasia there is a highly probabilty that they would say no and suspect that you are trying to end your life. I do not find it wrong for euthanasia to be practiced in hospitals because it would help the hospital receive more funds for medication. Each patient with a severe sickness should have the right to choose what to do with their body and not be judged in what they choose. Euthanasia should be an option for those that are terminally ill because it shows how much they respect their choice. If the court doesn’t want to legalize it in every hospital, they should at least have one hospital in each state that can practice it and undergo the process. It would only be fair if each person has the freedom of choice and decides what they want.

Many people oppose legalizing euthanasia but they do not know how much someone can suffer inside knowing that someday that their day is going to come and they would die. They do not want to legalize it because they believe that when a patient is extremely sick their brain and thoughts can mislead them and make them choose euthanasia to die faster. Although they are correct each patient would have given their consent when they were still in their full senses or the person in charge of them can inform the doctor what the patient wished for. While they are signing and if they decide to receive euthanasia they would be given all the information they need and there would be no sugar coding anything. The doctor would be able to ask the patient if they are sure of what they want to do while signing and before giving the proper medication for them to die peacefully.

Another reason people oppose against euthansia is because they believe that it can cause a major impact by discouraging people to stop looking for new cures to heal or prevent any illness. They do not know that the opposite of that can happen and it can give the doctors an urgency to continue looking for a cure to help save a life. Many doctors have adrenaline that others do not have, they have an impulse where they try to be the best and want to research to look for new ways to find a cure and to save a life. Instead of discouraging the doctors it would give them another reason to focus on what they are doing and it would help them continue looking for a new cure that would save many lives in the world.

Euthanasia would be a good source to use for those patients that have a severe illness that have no cure. Some solutions would be to tell each family that euthanasia will help relieve all the pain and it would end suffering for the patient. Hospitals can help the patient understand and respect that he or she wants to die with dignity or they can provide a hospice team to help them die peacefully. Euthanasia would end the endless pain that patients endure while dying and it would help many families and in that case, euthanasia should be legalized.

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