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Should college students have weekdays party Essay

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Majority of the students in the colleges like to party, they like hanging out with their friends in clubs and other places where real entertainment is offered. As Kathleen Bogle (2006) observes in her book Hooking Up many students refer to life in the college as “being a time to party or a time to let loose” (p51). They believe that life would be very boring if there was no room for partying. Bogle points out that although the college “administrators would like to believe that student life here is all about academic many students believe that the social aspect of life is equally important too.

” (p52) For most of the student’s weekends offer the most ideal time for partying. This is the time when they take a break from a busy week of studying and other activities that go along with the academic life. The weekends off offer the students a time to relax and recuperate after a busy week of reading and writing assignment.

Start of the semester also provides a golden time for most of the students as they are not busy with the school work at the middle of the semester the exams have started making outdoor activities for most of them difficult as they will be busy preparing for the assessment and continuous assessment texts.

(Bogle, K 2006 51) College life has been described as the time when a person enjoys most as he or she prepares to enter the real life. This is a time when somebody is going through a transition in life, a stage where a person discovers his or her potential. It is the ideal time for making lifetime friends who will offer substantial companion as far as life is concerned. This is the time that most of us are “not bestowed with heavy responsibilities in life, our main duty is to read and prepare for the life ahead of schooling.

”p 67 Socializing comes in hand; parties offer the best opportunity for a college student to know each other well. They are free to mingle with people of their choice; there is minimal interference as far as decision making is concerned. Most students are away from their parents for the first time in their life. To them college life offers the best opportunity to do what they have wanted to do but their parents would not approve of it. They now have all the freedom at their disposal; they can party as they wish without being reprimanded by their parents. (Bogle, K 2006 67)

Partying on the weekend presents a challenge to most of the students as it interrupts with their normal learning in the course of the week but on the other hand it presents the student with a chance to relax after a hard day moving from one class to another. Partying on the weekdays should be encouraged to those students who have busy schedules in the course of the week so that they can be offered a chance to take a breather and be fully prepared to face the challenges of the week. “On the other hand this practice should be discouraged for those students who do not plan their time well.

” (p87) Weekend partying should be done with a specific reason. For one it can be done because the students weekends are always occupied with other fruitful activites. For such a student in between the week offers an opportunity to socialize with the other students helping improve interpersonal relationship. Secondly a student might be having a busy scheduled in the course of the week; in such a situation partying can be used as a way of releasing tension offering the student a fresh start in the following day. (Bogle, K 2006 87)

To the majority of the students their main objective of enrolling in a college is to graduate with good grades which will enable them secure good places in the job market. The grades attained will determine the future of any student. The performance will greatly depend of the student preparation in the course of schooling. A student who spends his or her time well will most likely have good grades whereas those who squander their time will have a dismal performance. Partying has been mentioned as one of the factors that have led to the poor grades for most of the college students.

They dedicate minimal time for their studies while most of the time they are out partying in the clubs or in their friends’ apartments. They value play more than serious work. Though there is a popular adage that says that work with no play makes Jack a dull boy, for these students their studies are secondary as most of the time they are busy planning on their next move. To them weekdays offer the best opportunity for partying as they have plenty of time, they spend their time drinking or going to clubs which offer dancing and other entertainment packages.

It has been observed that those students who spend their weekdays in clubs and other entertainment joint tend to perform dismally in class. This is due to the fact that they spend less time in their studies; instead most of their valuable time is spent in places where a student should only frequent occasionally. These students usually fail to cover the work that their courses need therefore failing in their assessments. They miss classes due to hangovers or on deliberate move so that they can be with their friends in parties.

Partying usually involves drinking and in most cases alcohol, those who party on weekdays are mostly those students who are addicted to the binge, they can not do with out it. These students are usually in company of their friends who may be new in the college or even old colleguaes. This presents a dangerous chance for those who are not into alcohol taking to be introduced into this bad habit. This means most of the students get introduced in to alcohol by their party friends. Peer pressure takes root where the students indulge in to dangerous habits so that they can fit in a particular group.

All this happens on the courtesy of partying especially on the weekdays. Some of the weekday’s revelers have been described as social misfits as they do this as a way of escaping from the reality. They are going through a lot in their lives and partying to them is a way of life through which life‘s ups and downs can be tackled. There other who do this so that they can fit in to a particular group. Most of the students who had lived a sheltered life in their previous levels usually misuse the new found freedom.

They join partying groups that exist in colleges and have to do certain things so that they can be accepted in these groups. Hanging out with these groups calls for a lot of sacrifice to some of the students as they have to forego their studies so that they can spend considerable time with their gangs. This calls for weekdays parties as the students neglect their studies. (Goodyear,M and Khohr 1994 324) Too much of anything is dangerous; partying also fits comfortably in this description. Weekday partying indicates that a student puts too much emphasis on leisure at the expense of other activities more so the studies.

This is a dangerous trend as it interferes with the studies and at the same time the students makes it a habit which will be extended in to the life beyond college. When such a case happens the person will have a difficulty life as an adult since they will continue spending most of their times partying either in clubs or either organizing such activities with their friends. This leads to depletion of finances putting an individual in to a financial crisis which might be hard to solve. (Lerardo,K 2007 27)

Weekday’s party might not be all that bad to some students who can control their time; this offers them a good moment to make friends. This is the opportune time that the college students get to meet their life time partners more so those who travel during the weekends and can get any other moment to party with their college mates. Through partying one gets to know their college mates better, analyzing their characters and how they behave in an environment which is away from the classroom. This is the best setting that one can get to know the true character of the person.

Weekday’s offer that close touch as most of the clubs are not fully packed therefore they will have a good moment where they can get to know each other. Dating is most suited on a weekday when students are not hanging out as a group, therefore this time becomes ideal for those students who would like to engage into a serious relationship and at the same time keep the contacts of their friends especially those they hangout with. (Brunell,M 2001 345) The weekdays college party scene is not harmful when it is done responsibly.

The acitivity provides an amount of positive reinforcement where the students are presented with an opportunity to share ideas especially the going on of the week. These scene can be used as an extension of class work where students discuss different topics related to what they had covered in class on that particular day. This streghthens students understanding as they will take it as fun and they may be motivated to read widely so that they can always have something to share with their freidns during such gatherings.

The weekdays parties which do not involve alcohol and other types of toxic substances should be encouraged as they cement the students relations therefore minimising conflicts in colleges. They should be organized oftenly so that the students can be given a chance to interact with each other while offering each other some useful tips on how to go about life. This situation presents the college students with a chance to make future acquitances,bonds that can last for a life time. These are the type of friendship that go beyond the college education.

Later in life people come to value these relationship as one turns to the college friends for help when in a fix. (Sorell,C 2007) Weekdays party for the students who are not responsible enough should be discouraged at all cost. These students do not have the sense of time and to them life is easy and theylive for a moment. This is a very risky trend as it gives rise to irresposible ggraduates who can not be trusted in their jobs and also in the society. It would be a waste of time for most of the students to attend these parties where they are not bound to gain.

These students engaged in such parties as a means of passing time or as a way of fitting into a certain group. Their aims are not objective,they have no perspective in life therefore they need guidance as to how they should spend their time in college. Partying for the sake of it especially on weekdays when a student is supposed to be busy with the school work does more harm than good to most of the students especially those who have not taken full responsibility on their studies. (Sorell,C 2007) The party animals as they are referred in most colleges do not differentiate between weekdays and weekends ,to them everyday is a party time.

When you compare the perfomance of these students with the rest in the college one will note a difference. Their performance is poor and most likely this will be extended into their final grades in college. What this means is that their whole life will be affected too as they are likely to get low paying jobs due to their poor grades which was as a result of their poor mangement of time. All serious students will tell you that weekdays party are in most cases a waste of the precious time which should be instead dedicated to ones study.

On the finances weekdays parties tend to be cheaper as compared to the weekends. This is due to the reason that weekends attract most students and are considerd peak times. Due to the cost invloved one may tend to attend party during weekdays as the cost is fairer as compared to the other times. This is not a cost saving measure as eventually one will discover that they will have spent more money when compared to those students who frequent clubs only once per week and that is on the weekends.

The weekdays revelers tend to use more as they may be tempted to go on a daily basis. Therefore this habit not only impacts on their education but on their finaces too. When planned well weekdays parties can be very rewarding to the college students but on the same note they can impact negatively on one studies. Proper utilization of time during college life leads to good performance while poor time management usually results into discouraging grades. The ultimate goal for any student in college is to pass the examination and eventually come out with good grades.

When a student spend most of their time engaging in parties especially on weekdays they are on the wrong track and this will be shown by their perfomance. These students may not take things seriously therefore even in their lives after the college they will go on with the same habit leading to problems. Though partying has its own advantages it should be done with caution as it can divert the students attention and goals. Responsible partying calls for the student to know when they should engage in this activity and then plan on how long this should take.

Its only through such endevaours that one life in college will be successful. As we have seen weekdays party has its advantages and disadvantages,it for the concerned students to make a proper choice or in other cases an wrong choice. When one plans to party on weekdays at the expense of his or her studies such a person should be prepared to meet the consequence of suchkind of actions. Responsible partying calls for extreme caution as it can be the cause of misery in ones life either financially or through poor grades something which can affect the whole of a students life.

Strengthening bonds,a way of relaxing are some of the benefits that can be derived from weekdays partying but this can only be achieved through proper planning otherwise this might not be achieved.

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