Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Should college athletes be paid? Some people think they should, here are some reasons why some think that college athletes should be paid. First, paying athletes would put an end to black market in paying players by giving them special luxuries for college. Next, paying athletes give an incentive to stay and finish their schooling instead of leaving early to play professionally. Lastly, coaches make an average of 1 million dollars every year while the athletes are playing and taking the health risks.

In my opinion, I believe college athletes shouldn’t be paid to play their sport for several reasons. First of all, it’s a HUGE recruiting advantage for big schools. For example, big Football schools like USC, Texas, and Alabama make a lot of revenue from football and could offer more money to a certain player that small Football schools like Arizona or Baylor wouldn’t be able to offer and could really take away big recruits that could help. Secondly, ALL college athletes would have to be paid equally according to title IX, this would be too difficult because men’s Basketball and Football make a majority of the revenue and most of it in used to maintain facilities, support other college tournaments and championships. Last but not least, people love to watch college sports because they players don’t play for the money and fame but for the love of their teammates, the love for the community, and most importantly, the love of the sport. That is why I don’t think college athletes should be paid.


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