Should Children Be Tried as Adults

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Should Children Be Tried as Adults

There is a saying “If you do the crime, you must do the time”. But does that apply to children. Should children be tried as adults?. While some people praise this as a means of stopping young offenders before they start on a “career” of crime, others find it very inappropriate and unjust. This paper will examine questions, pros and cons of whether children should be tried as adults. Discussion

I will view both sides to whether children should be tried as adults. The rate of murders by juveniles and children has skyrocketed across the country. There are many people who feel that children should be tried as adults due to the popular saying “If you do the crime, you must do the time”. According to many sources it is believed that it will make them understand the consequences of their actions and deter them from committing any further crimes.

However, there is also the view that many individuals feel that Children should not be tried as adults. They should be nurtured and protected rather than completely responsible and punished for their crime. Children/juveniles it said that they do not possess the emotional maturity to control their impulse, or to fully understand the consequences to their actions. Therefore stating that their brains are not to be developed and can in neither way nor fashion adds up to an adults, making an exception. The truth of the matter is who is right and who is wrong? Both have valid points as to why not have the child tried and why not just seek other means besides having a child tried. This is a debate that will continue with time.

In conclusion my view is that kids should not be tried as adults at age 7 but should be giving help. I feel that more facilities that are not an adult based would be more sufficient. Because really no one knows all the reason why kids commit crimes it could be they were bullied, having psychological problems at home or school. The possibilities are endless if reasons I think that juveniles need to be charged as adults, they are so close to adulthood that they know what they are doing more so a little child.


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