Should Boys And Girls Study Together Essay

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Should Boys And Girls Study Together

As our world has become more complicated education is generally available to both genders all around the world. Teenagers may attend single-sex or co-educational high school. However, some people believe that students should be educated with different instructing methods according to their gender. This is not the case for three reasons. The two genders can learn to valuable information from each other learn to socialize together and learn to how to protest themselves.

First of all, girls and boys will learn valuable information about opposite gender. According to scientific research, most boys are more logical than girls. This is very helpful for girls and boys to influence each other. For example, when girls solve problems, they are always impacted by their emotions. Therefore, boys can teach them how to solve problems without overly emotional overreacting.However, many parents may think that it is not necessary girls and boys to study together. Because girls and boys at this age still are not mature. They may not be in a position to teach each other. They should focus on their studying. If they are allowed to learn in the same class, they can come together and share their ideas because they have different thinking strategies. Their academic results are generally better than single-sex school. I used to study in the co-educational high school. There were many students who not only really enjoy school activities but also got great grade.

The second important thing is girls and boys should learn how to communicate with each other. When students finish their studies, eventually they need to join the workforce. In a working place, no matter if an office, a social service center or business firm, it is must work with the opposite gender very often. On the other hand, parents worry about their children who may make a relationship in the co-educational school and result in neglecting their studies. Teenagers always so interested in the opposite gender that they dress themselves up in order to attract the opposite-sex. Also, people who want to present the best of themselves improve their flaws.

Girls and boys should not be planned from studying in the co-educational school. Otherwise, they will not know how to protect themselves. Single-sex school consider that problems are easy to be fixed. For example, special classes help students to learn how to integrate into society. However, this classes are usually not useful to students. When single-sex school’s students socialize with people, they do not know how to solve real life situations. Many teenagers watch pornographic magazines and online x-rated movies because they are curious about the opposite gender’s thinking and bodies, but this is not a good way to know the opposite gender. If every high school education allow both genders’ curiosity about each other, and they will be ready to integrate into society.

In conclusion, boys and girls do not need to be educated in separate classes because when they study in the mixed gender classes, more ideas will come out and they will be more adapted to the society after students graduate from school. The separate class for boys and girls will create more distractions. Moreover students will be less prepared for the real world and collage. The separate classes will create problems and will be unbeneficial for students and teachers.

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