Should Black Women receive Welfare Benefits? Essay

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Should Black Women receive Welfare Benefits?

I do not think that black women should receive welfare benefit. The personal responsibility and work opportunity Reconciliation Act, passed by the 104th Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton was an attempt to eliminate long-term dependence on public assistance which has been take advantage of by many black women reports (1997, Pavetti &Acs) on the carelessness in the welfare system. Black women feel that they have no other means to survive by or to support their children, when many of their husbands walk out on them, leaving them without any way to support themselves.

With the welfare system offering monthly allotments of money and food stamps or food debit cards, it’s hardly reasonable to think that a black woman would have the courage to go out into the work force and secure a reliable employment position when she can simply sign up for welfare benefits. The welfare system has caused many black women to relax and not seek employment. They get comfortable staying and home with their children, and then having more children where they receive funding by the government to support themselves and the children.

Feeling comfortable with ranking under the poverty level is by no means in which anyone, should feel comfortable. I feel that if the welfare benefits were not available to black women that the number of children she gave birth do would drop, drastically. If she knew she had to rely on her own employment and paychecks coming in each month, I believe she would reconsider having any more children, in which she would have to support on her own, without the aid from the government.

Dorothy Roberts, author of “Killing the Black Body” gives the impression that it is acceptable and reasonable for black women to need and deserve welfare benefits for themselves and their offspring. I don’t feel that a black woman should have to come down to that low level financially, and rely on anyone or any organization, other than herself to survive. Black women should not feel that have special rights and privileges just because they are black.

To become an equal member of society, she must take responsibility for her own actions; finding a secure job and feeling equal. Receiving a welfare check, food stamps and a medical card from the government each month does not do anything, but create a life of shame for the black woman. If the welfare benefits are not available to the black woman, she would have no other choice but to reduce the number of children that she gives birth to, and to secure a better way of life for herself, and her children.

Earning an income and being self supportive would increase the woman’s self-confidence, greatly and if the welfare isn’t available, she would not be tempted by the available funds, and in return would live a more healthier and happier lifestyle, that otherwise, she may have not chosen for herself or for her children. ( 1997, Pavetti, LaDonna; Acs, Gregory Moving Up, Moving Out, or Going Nowhere? Urban Institute Publications)

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